Concrete Paddling Pools

Colourful Concrete Coatings

Flexflooring have refurbished many old concrete paddling pools in parks around the country, as well as providing surfacing for some brand new ones. Many of the old pools suffer from a multitude of problems, normally associated with the concrete base. Flexflooring will be happy to visit, inspect and provide some solutions for their refurbishment with on-going safety in mind.

Products we recommend


Mflex  is a specialist non slip coating designed specifically for wet leisure environments. It is a UV stable polyurethane coating incorporating a very fine EPDM crumb to give it it’s non slip properties. Ideal for concrete paddling pools and available in six colours.

Rubbaflex sg

Popular with councils, Rubbaflex sg gives the paddling pool that added safety with 15mm of rubber covering the surface. Rubbaflex sg can also be applied vertically, meaning that the walls can also covered to provide extra protection.

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