Concrete Paddling Pools

Rubbaflex sg

Standard Grade Rubber for more bounce

Popular with councils, Rubbaflex sg gives the paddling pool that added safety with 15mm of rubber covering the surface. Rubbaflex sg can also be applied vertically, meaning that the walls can also covered to provide extra protection.


Rubbaflex® sg is a wet pour product made up of larger 1-4mm EPDM granules combined with a one-component polyurethane binder. It’s most common uses are in the construction of children’s play areas, golf path construction and occasionally splash parks. Because of the larger granule size, it is more porous than Rubbaflex fg and has to be installed at a greater depth than Rubbaflex fg.

As with all Rubbaflex products, numerous colours are available and can be blended together to give an infinite number of colour schemes.

Characteristic and benefits; soft, colourful, porous, impact absorbent, seamless

Typical Uses; Golf paths, Playground flooring, boat decks, balcony’s,

SG Granules

SG 1-4MMRubbaflex sg (Standard grade) EPDM granules are 1-4mm is size. There are made with specialist pigments and UV stabilisers. Flexflooring source these granules from a number of manufacturers in the UK and Europe. Not all granules are of the same quality, but through experience Flexflooring source from   tried and trusted producers.   This grade of EPDM is commonly used in the construction of children’s play areas, and golf paths. Either laid at 15 – 20mm on an asphalt or concrete sub base, or onto an SBR base rubber (laid at 25mm) layer which will sit on an compacted stone base.


Flexflooring use a selection of polyurethane binders sourced from aroAliphatic vs Aromaticund Europe.

There are two classes of polyurethane binders;

Aliphatic binders, are a non yellowing, UV stable binder which dramatically reduces colour fade. It is a class of isocyanate used in the manufacture of light stable coatings, more expensive than…

Aromatic binders, commonly used in the construction of playgrounds, but will cause colours to fade in UV light, as it is a class of isocyanate which is sensitive to Oxidisation and prone to degradation in direct sunlight.

It is far more common to install Rubbaflex SG with an aromatic resin, due to the installation depth. With black this makes no different, but one must be aware that other colours will yellow/golden.

Rubbaflex sg is an ideal product for this environment, however we recommend that it is installed with an aromatic, rather than an aliphatic resin. This has the benefit of being a cheaper solution, as aromatic are more cost effective that aliphatics and slightly tougher. However it must be borne in mind that aromatics are not UV stable and hence you will observe a colour change in the surface.

The importance of substrata. Many of these concrete pools, found in parks, are fifty plus years old, and in some the concrete is cracked and beginning to sprawl. Once this starts to occur, the concrete will start to break up, and no matter how good the installer, the epdm will start to debond. In such cases, resurfacing with an epdm product maybe only a short term fix. (In our experience, once it starts to debond, the children cant help themselves, and will start to pick at it!!)

Pool walls, Rubbaflex sg can be applied to the walls of pools as well with an additive to the resin, so can give you paddling pool a complete protective covering.

Top tip; If you decide to repair an area where the epdm has debonded, do it with features, such as sea creatures etc., so it doesn’t look like a patch work quilt. No matter how good the patch, due to the old rubber being exposed to years of sunlight, you will see the patch, so make a feature of it !


Standard Colours

Bright Blue
Mid Grey
Light Grey
Bright Yellow

Other Blends

Black; 20% beige fleck
Black; 20% eggshell fleck
Earth; Beige, brown and black
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