Rubbaflex fg

Highest quality of EPDM and Polyurethane binder

The finest EPDM granules combined with the best PU / polyurethane resins ensures your pool surround will remain bright and non-slip. A impact absorbent surface, ideal for small children.


Rubbaflex® fg is a wet pour product made up of Gezoflex 0.5-1.5mm EPDM granules combined with a  one-component polyurethane binder. It’s most common uses are in the construction of pool surrounds, splash pads and wet play environments.

 It is a porous product, and this finer blend gives a smoother more compressed aesthetically pleasing surface finish. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, vertically and horizontally.

Rubbaflex fg is available in a number of colours and can be blended together to give an infinite number of unique colour combinations.

Characteristic and benefits; soft, like rubber, colourful, porous, compact, impact absorbent, seamless

Typical uses; Swimming pool surrounds, Splash Parks,

Rubbaflex fg granules

Rubbaflex fg granules are 0.5-1.5mm and are of the highest quality, manufactured by Gezolan in Switzerland, they provide;gezolan_product

  • A compact and aesthetically pleasing surface
  • Excellent UV and weather resistance
  • Long term elasticity and consistent colour
  • Are durable and hard wearing

The following Colour Mix link can be used to create your own unique blend of colours. We would recommend a mix of two or three colours or view our suggested mixes here.


Flexflooring use a selection of polyurethane binders sourced from aroAliphatic vs Aromaticund Europe.

There are two classes of polyurethane binders;

Aliphatic binders, are a non yellowing, UV stable binder which dramatically reduces colour fade. It is a class of isocyanate used in the manufacture of light stable coatings, more expensive than…

Aromatic binders, commonly used in the construction of playgrounds, but will cause colours to fade in UV light, as it is a class of isocyanate which is sensitive to Oxidisation and prone to degradation in direct sunlight.

grind install 2

Your sub base; Rubbaflex fg is a very versatile product.It can be installed over many materials, concrete, screed, paving slabs, even old rubber.

But it needs a solid base that is not moving. Movement will eventually cause the Rubbaflex fg to lose adhesion to the sub base, that’s why a lot of the success is in the preparation.

Your environment; If your outdoor pool is under trees etc then in the winter you may get decaying matter on your rubbaflex fg surface. This needs to be cleared off and not allowed to mould on the surface or it will take hold and may be difficult to remove. Rubbaflex fg is a porous material, so water can sit in the surface,Grind install which is why we recommend a fine granule that can be installed at just 6mm.

If you have an indoor pool, then depending on use, you need to treat your surround periodically with a chemical cleaner. Dirty water from bathers can sit in the surface and with water and heat, it is an ideal environment for bacteria, however this is naturally combated by the chlorine in the water, and a much bigger issue in commercial pools where there is a lot more foot traffic.

Calcium Stains; Many areas in the UK have hard water, that is the presence of salts in the water, the most common being calcium. It is usually white in colour and remains on the surface of rubbaflex after water has evaporated from it. In small indoor environments, calcium often appears as a yellow stain. It is very easily dealt with by applying an acidic cleaner (even vinegar) which will burn it off.

Rubbaflex fg blends

Popular blend choices

White, grey and beige
White, grey and dark grey
Blue, white, bright blue
Blue, bright green, bright blue
White, bright green, beige, bright blue
Coral reef
Bright blue, white, beige
White, beige and mid grey
White and yellow
Grey, white and bright blue
Dark grey, beige, white
Brittany Bronze fg
Brittany Bronze
Dark grey, beige, Red
White, dark grey, beige, red
Equal brown and beige

Rubbaflex fg Standard Colours

Colour Range

044 Lilac
dark grey
045 Dark Grey
dark green
047 Dark Green
dark blue
054 Dark Blue
Middle Grey
055 Middle Grey
056 Eggshell
060 White
062 Red
064 Blue
065 Grey
066 Beige
067 Green
069 Yellow
beige brown
076 Beige Brown
bright red
082 Bright Red
bright orange
083 Bright Orange
bright blue
084 Bright Blue
bright green
087 Bright Green
bright yellow
089 Bright Yellow
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