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Rubbaflex sg

Standard Grade Rubber for more bounce

Rubbaflex sg Golf has great noise absorption and is wear resistance to spiked shoes. It consists of a 1-4mm blend of EPDM rubber granules which creates a strong breathable service that will efficiently drain excess moisture down the base construction as the surface is fully porous.

This specific, easy to maintain flooring system is available in a variety of different colour mixes. We can advice on the most popular colour mixes or create your own individual design.


Rubbaflex® sg is a wet pour product made up of larger 1-4mm EPDM granules combined with a one-component polyurethane binder. It’s most common uses are in the construction of children’s play areas, golf path construction and occasionally splash parks. Because of the larger granule size, it is more porous than Rubbaflex fg and has to be installed at a greater depth than Rubbaflex fg.

As with all Rubbaflex products, numerous colours are available and can be blended together to give an infinite number of colour schemes.

Characteristic and benefits; soft, colourful, porous, impact absorbent, seamless

Typical Uses; Golf paths, Playground flooring, boat decks, balcony’s,

SG Granules

SG 1-4MMRubbaflex sg (Standard grade) EPDM granules are 1-4mm is size. There are made with specialist pigments and UV stabilisers. Flexflooring source these granules from a number of manufacturers in the UK and Europe. Not all granules are of the same quality, but through experience Flexflooring source from   tried and trusted producers.   This grade of EPDM is commonly used in the construction of children’s play areas, and golf paths. Either laid at 15 – 20mm on an asphalt or concrete sub base, or onto an SBR base rubber (laid at 25mm) layer which will sit on an compacted stone base.


Flexflooring use a selection of polyurethane binders sourced from aroAliphatic vs Aromaticund Europe.

There are two classes of polyurethane binders;

Aliphatic binders, are a non yellowing, UV stable binder which dramatically reduces colour fade. It is a class of isocyanate used in the manufacture of light stable coatings, more expensive than…

Aromatic binders, commonly used in the construction of playgrounds, but will cause colours to fade in UV light, as it is a class of isocyanate which is sensitive to Oxidisation and prone to degradation in direct sunlight.

It is far more common to install Rubbaflex SG with an aromatic resin, due to the installation depth. With black this makes no different, but one must be aware that other colours will yellow/golden.

There are normally two variants of a Rubbaflex golf path depending upon the sub strata;

The most common if renovating existing paths, is to install Rubbaflex sg at 40mm onto compacted stone sub base. Firstly the path will need to be scrapped to get rid of any loose stone. If required, and depending on what is already there, more stone (type 1) can be installed an compacted.

Once you have a compacted stone base, a base course, known as SBR (recycled rubber) is installed at a depth of 25mm. Once this has cured a wearing course of Rubbaflex is installed at 15mm over the base course.

The resultant surface is a free draining 40mm of rubber. As Rubbaflex sg is a porous surface, water will run through it and then through the stone sub base, back into the water table.

Note on edges

The path needs an edge, such as timber, aluminium or concrete kerbs, which must sit at least 40mm above the stone sub base, in order for the wetpour product to have something to finish against. The most common edge used on golf courses are timber or sleepers. However, overtime there is always a chance that a small gap will appear between the edge and Rubbaflex surface. No installer can guarantee that this will not occur, it is due to ground movement and the natural contraction and expansion of Rubbaflex through the temperature range.

Slopes and alternative construction

Rubbaflex can also be installed at 15mm (not requiring a base layer), if the substrate is concrete or asphalt. A small amount of time will be needed to prepare the slab and then the wearing course can be applied directly at 15mm. We would strongly advise that if the path is on a slope (and especially if the path also takes buggy traffic), that you install a structural sub base, such as concrete or asphalt. The reason for this is that with a compact stone base on a slope, over time, the fines can be washed out and eventually the 40mm of Rubbaflex will lose its adhesion to the sub base and act like a heavy carpet laid on a slope.

Sundridge Golf Club

April 2015 In April 2015 Flexflooring was awarded the contract for the supply and installation of over 1100 square metres of Rubbaflex Sg, replacing an old pathway around part of the course and the halfway house at Sundridge Gold Club. The colour choice was black with a 20% green fleck, as chosen by the club. Before work could Continue reading

Sunningdale Golf Club

Sunningdale Golf Club go for a combination of Stonex and Rubbaflex   March 2014 In March 2014 Flexflooring installed 1,000 square metres of Stonex to the front of the prestigious club house  at Sunningdale and over 500 metres squared of Rubbaflex Golf to pathways around the first tee. This was part of a major groundwork’s project Continue reading

Purley Downs Golf Club

Flexflooring involved in 3 holes in 1 (installation)! April 2012 Flexflooring Ltd has recently completed an installation over 300 metres of pathways at Purley Downs Golf Club, transforming grit pathways prone to surface washout into hard wearing, yet soft underfoot Rubbaflex Golf Pathways. Established in 1894, Purley Downs Golf Club is a mature downland course Continue reading

Standard Colours

14037849 10208927222771120 1815645886 o
14060317 10208927223091128 1801246808 o
Bright Blue
14037420 10208927224371160 463173065 o
Mid Grey
14012379 10208927223211131 410598850 o
Light Grey
14012760 10208927222691118 120415085 o
14037707 10208927223491138 915180251 o
Bright Yellow

Other Blends

beige 20
Black; 20% beige fleck
black and eggshell
Black; 20% eggshell fleck
50percent beige
Earth; Beige, brown and black
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