Golf Pathways

Paths for comfort and noise reduction

Flexflooring Ltd have many years of experience in the construction of golf paths. We can advise on ground works, drainage, materials and design. Our products offer the perfect solution for those looking for a safe, stylish and seamless surface for their golf paths. Our non-slip golf pathways offer a unique and high quality durable surface in a range of colours or simply black.

Our golf pathways are specifically designed to….

  • Provide a comfortable surface for golfers to walk on with spikes.
  • Reduce the maintenance and noise associated with traditional paths of crushed shells, pebbles etc.
  • Reduce golf path wash out from heavy rain.

Products we recommend

Rubbaflex sg

Rubbaflex sg, an ideal cushioned product, porous, noise absorbent, ideal for golf clubs.

We travel around the country and have installed golf pathways at many clubs, such as;

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