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Microscreed (a type of microcement) gives a very industrial modern look to any working environment. Imitating polished concrete, each floor has its own individual character, with no two surfaces looking the same. Microscreed is a natural mineral material, but is water, rather then chemical based and combines cement with polymers, to give a tough but flexible surface. The final finish can be gloss, satin or matte. Microscreed is a cheaper alternative to polished concrete flooring, find out the cost of installing poured polished concrete flooring solution, compared to a microscreed alternative.



microcement exampleMicroscreed or Microcement flooring is a decorative finish, giving you an industrial polished concrete effect. These floors are seamless and grout free making them easy to maintain. The applications of the finishing products, different sealers and the final sand offer several visually different finishes, both matt and satin.

As a natural mineral, these interiors give you a clean and hypoallergenic environment. Furthermore, if in time you wish to change the colour of your finish, it only needs sanding and applying a different coloured coat of the finishing product.

Our guide, ‘the cost of poured polished concrete per m2‘, provides a detailed explanation of the pros and cons of microcement (a cheaper alternative to polished concrete), the cost differences and where a Microcement would be most appropriate.


Characteristics and benefits; Seamless, industrial, choice of colours, easy to clean, satin or matte finishes

Typical uses; Any internal decorative space where you want an industrial look


MatrickCement is a Microcement system developed by Matthew Bentley, an experienced installer who spent over ten years installing a multitude of different microcement products across Europe, for the major brands.

The Matrick cement system is put together from various suppliers around Europe to ensure more control over the finished look and a system that is designed to be laid easily over screed, concretes etc.

Given Matthew’s experience of the many components that make up a microcement system, he has been able to hand pick manufacturers across Europe to provide a system to rival the bigger brands, whats more, Matrickcement understand their product from the installers perspective.

Microcement W Finish1There are a number of different brands of Microcement on the market today, many manufactured in Europe and each have there own idiosyncrasies and slightly different finishes. At Flexflooring we we have tried many of them and believe that Matrickcement is one of the better products.

 More information about the product itself can be found at 

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