Flexflooring Gets Slip Testing

4th March 2013

With our ever expanding range of safety surfacing to choose from, it is always helpful to understand exactly how slip resistant each of our products are.  We have therefore recently had 13 of our most popular flooring surfaces rigorously tested for slip resistance. 

Working with sliptech, an anti-slip floor testing company, Flexflooring tested 13 flooring systems, each  having undergone testing using the Stone Munroe Pendulum Slip Meter, which records the co-efficient of friction when wet.  This test, which has been chosen by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) and UKSRG (The UK Slip Resistance Group) as the recognised British Standard for measuring slip resistance, assesses the likely incidence of a pedestrian slipping when walking on a particular surface. Pendulum Slip Test Meter

The good news is that each of the 13 flooring systems tested complies with the category ‘Low potential for Slip’, which means when we claim to have a great range of non-slip floors, we have the certification to prove it! Ideal for many purposes such as wet rooms, pool surrounds etc

If you want to see individual test results, please look at our Products & Services pages, the relevant certificate can be found on individual product pages.

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