Flexflooring install Remmers Epoxy self smoothing screed in car park basement

March 2016

Flexflooring were asked to provide a surface to a concrete basement car park for a client in Surrey. The client required a non-slip surface that was more aesthetically pleasing than the bare concrete and could cope with vehicular traffic .

Being a basement there were obvious issues with water ingress and working within a damp environment. Following our visit and in close liaison with Remmers, Flexflooring proposed installing Remmers Epoxyflex PH with a moisture tolerant epoxy primer.



As with all flooring projects, and our mantra, it is all in the preparation. Flexflooring diamond ground the area.

The grinding opens up the concrete and ensures that the primer gets a good key to the surface.

After the surface had been fully swept and vacuumed, removing all the loose particles the surface is treated with a moisture tolerant epoxy primer. Following that application a scratch coat, made up of epoxy and SBL, a blend of quartz and fine fillers,  is used to seal the concrete and provide some build up. This will also add strength to the surface and contain any out gassing of air which can cause pin holing in the surface.

Finally the pigmented epoxyflex PH (RAL 7012), combined with a fine quartz filler to give strength and act as self smoothing agent,  is trowelled onto the scratch coat at a depth of approximately 2mm, this is then allowed to cure before applying a polyurethane top coat, in this case Remmers PUR Top M+.

The result is a smooth, yet slip resistant floor, we hope more pleasing to the eye than the old concrete surface, all completed within 5 days.

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