Flexflooring Launch two New Products At SPATEX 2012!

14th February 2012

So how was SPATEX 2012 for you?  Thanks to those that braved the weather and dropped by to see us on the Flexflooring stand.

If you didn’t make it to Brighton this year, you missed out on two new product launches by Flexflooring.  The first of these is Stonex; a ‘Resin Bound Stone’ system.  The range includes quartz, marble and natural stone aggregates encapsulated with specialised light stable resins resulting in a smooth and compressed surface that can be used both externally around pools, for pathways and driveways and internally for kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories and offices.

The Flexflooring STONE brochure, which gives more details on Stonex, is now available on our downloads page.

The second product launched at this year’s SPATEX was Flexiseal: an innovative two part flexible epoxy resin, which has been developed specifically to fill porous rubber crumb surfaces, such as our Rubbaflex rubber surface and prevent water permeating through the surface.  In essence, the material helps to make our Rubbaflex rubber surface act more like a tile in terms of porosity, but keep the rubber crumbs properties of being flexible, non-slip and soft under foot.

It was developed from an established range of swimming pool coatings, is chlorine resistant and UV stable.  It has the added property of strengthening the bond within the crumb and is ideal for areas that may have been exposed to excessive levels of wear from constant waterfall, i.e. fountains, spraying equipment etc.  Flexiseal is available exclusively via Flexflooring and further increases the versatility of our Rubbaflex surface.

Do get in touch if you would like further details of either of these innovative new products from Flexflooring!

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