Flexflooring Now Offers More Options And More Choice For Your Pool Surround!

1st September 2012

As summer draws to a close, it is time to reflect on a landmark year for Flexflooring.  With the introduction of our new Stonex pool surround product in 2012, we can now offer a far greater range of looks and finishes. 

For those for whom safety is still of absolute paramount concern, we continue to offer our fantastic Rubbaflex pool surround.  This brilliant product is renowned for its non slip qualities, a soft finish underfoot and also looks great.  Available in 20 base colours, there are 10 popular colour mixes to allow you to create different looks, or if you are feeling creative you can mix up your own unique colour.  As you can see from two of our recent installations, you can go for a neutral colour scheme with the Catalonia colour mix…

Or go for something nautical, such as this recent installation finished in our Artic colour mix and looking fantastic!

For further pictures of our recent Rubbaflex installations have a look at our domestic pool gallery here and our commercial pool gallery here.



Our new Stonex resin bound stone product offers a different aesthetic finish whilst still retaining a certain level of slip resistance.  The client of our latest installation chose the Daltex Golden Quartz colour mix, which includes aggregate of between 2-5mm.  Our Stonex pool surround product is hand trowelled by our experienced installation team, but unlike our driveways and dry installations we undertake an additional process of ‘broadcasting’ or scattering a non-slip media (a white powder) over the still curing Stonex surface.  This additional element is clear once dry and leaves a non-slip grip to the Stonex surface without changing the look of the finished floor.

For further pictures of our recent Stonex installations have a look at our gallery here.

We have also recently installed Stonex in dry environments, such as the Beefeater Grill in Halifax and The Candy Store in London, so remember Stonex is not just for pools, it can be used internally in commercial and domestic situations too!


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