Resin driveways are the ultimate in modern property renovation, and a titanium colour resin driveways is one of the most in-demand colour blends available. Whether you choose a pale, striking grey, or a rich gunmetal hue, titanium shades bring elegance and gravitas, offsetting your brickwork or rendering beautifully.

Driveway materials were once limited to plain tarmac, block paving or concrete. In contrast, resin provides the opportunity to transform your home’s curb appeal, add value to your property, and pick the perfect tone.

Flexflooring has years of expertise as a leading resin driveway provider and uses only the best quality materials to deliver unbeatable value for money.

Please read on to explore some of the popular titanium aggregates available. Get in touch via our contact form or phone us on 01622 747909 for further information or an obligation-free quotation.

Picking a Contemporary Titanium Colour Resin Driveway

One of the key advantages to choosing a resin bound driveway is that the array of colours available is almost limitless.

From block colours to bespoke designs, patterns and accent colours, we stock incredible blends featuring hues of black, grey, red, pink and gold, all-natural tones in a range of pebble shapes, sizes and textures.

This versatility makes a titanium resin driveway truly customisable, allowing homeowners to reimagine the appearance of their property and install a driveway that will last for years to come.

Flexflooring Titanium Grey Resin Driveway Blends

Below we’ve highlighted some of our unique resin blends featuring impactful titanium grey.

Titan Silver

The quintessential titanium aggregate, Titan Silver is a rich combination of glittering black, powerful grey and cooling white, interspersed with flecks of cream to bring your driveway to life.

Titan Silver

Steel Blue

Steel Blue is a slightly deeper colour palette, based on a similar mixture but with greater emphasis on speckled black and pale grey stones, in a smaller gravel size to give an exceptional finish, reflecting light in wet weather conditions.

Steel Blue

Slate Grey

Our Slate Grey resin aggregate is lighter grey in tone, with hints of vibrant green and black, for a dynamic contrast against pale brick, timber, landscaping and borders.

Slate Grey

Ocean Pearl

Ocean Pearl is an excellent choice if you love the stylish look of titanium grey but want a subtle design effect with a spectrum of natural stone colours. This blend mimics the seafloor, with an endless mixture of pearlescent whites, bold greys, and stunning black and creamy-red gravels.

Ocean Pearl


This resin blend features several differently sized stones, providing texture and depth of shade, with an overall appearance similar to the moon hitting a natural rock bed, giving a refined and contemporary finish.


Gunmetal Grey

An eye-catching mixture of light and dark shades makes this a firm favourite, with tonal browns and creams to counteract the delicate grey stones. Gunmetal Grey works well alongside darker accents or borders.

Gun Metal Grey

Request Titanium Resin Driveway Aggregate Samples

Flexflooring is happy to provide aggregate samples of our top-selling titanium resin driveway blends, which is useful if you are unsure which specific combination would best compliment your property.

Please get in touch to request your sample of your favourite blends from the list above or visit our online gallery to see a broader selection of the resin finishes available.

The Benefits of Choosing Titanium Grey for Your Driveway

Titanium grey is a driveway finish for properties less ordinary, and there are countless advantages to using a modern, professionally installed resin driveway over a conventional alternative.

One of the many benefits is that titanium is a timeless, classic colour with a modern edge. Hence, it never appears outdated and won’t jar with any colour scheme or exterior decor.

Whether as a sweeping driveway, quiet footpath or extravagant patio, the silver and grey tones work wonderfully and look perfect on properties of all ages and periods.

We’d recommend a grey titanium finish over a standard colour if you’d like:

  • A universally attractive shade, which works cohesively with Victorian properties, new builds and countryside cottages alike.
  • To enhance the colour scheme of your home, brighten cladding, invigorate render and make your brickwork stand out.
  • A driveway that will improve the value of our property, with options including bespoke logos, house numbers and patterns as a unique focal point.

Most resin bound driveways do not need planning permission. Our installation consultants can advise if you have concerns about approval for a property in a conservation area or a listed building.

The Flexflooring team can take care of all preparatory work, including stabilising the sub-base, to ensure optimal drainage and surface water control compliant with the Sustainable Urban Drainage System regulations.

Average Cost of Titanium Colour Resin Driveways

Resin-bound driveways come in myriad colour combinations, depths, sizes, styles, and uses, so the exact cost of your titanium drive will depend on many factors, which we’ll discuss with you before work begins so you can make informed choices.

The average project costs £50 to £80 per square metre as a rough indication. However, additional work, such as preparing a solid base, will usually initiate an initial undertaking before we can lay your driveway.

Considerations include the size of your driveway, the condition of the existing surface and the number of vehicles accessing your property.

Please get in touch at your convenience, and our advisers will discuss your requirements and arrange a convenient survey appointment to give you an accurate installation quotation.

Expert Advice From the Titanium Driveway Professionals

Flexflooring is one of the best-known resin bound installers across the UK, with years of knowledge and skill ensuring your new driveway is a high-performance asset that will maximise your property’s value, appearance and durability.

You are welcome to call us on 01622 747909 for advice about the right colour section for your home or send us a message via our contact form for further information about the huge catalogue of titanium grey aggregates to choose from.

As an accomplished resin driveway team, Flexflooring will guide you through the options and equip you with all the information you need to decide on the right resin-bound driveway to match your aspirations.

Still not sold on pebble? Don’t forget to check out our white resin driveway, grey resin driveway and black resin driveway ideas.

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