Commercial Kitchens

Care in the kitchen

Having installed in numerous commercial kitchens previously, we understand the need for a hard wearing, chemical and slip resistant, yet easy to maintain surface. We also understand the need to install in a timely fashion, working when it best suits the client. Read more about our epoxy flooring here.

Products we recommend

PU Screed

PU screeds or polyurethane screeds are designed to withstand harsh environments that are prone to heavy industrial use. This material is specifically formulated to give excellent resistance to chemical loads or temperature variation and are commonly used in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. It can have a textured aggregate finish providing medium to heavy profile Continue reading

Stonex Sand

Stonex Sand is a very fine quartz system combined with an epoxy binder resin, giving a very hard and tough surface. The surface is pore filled with an epoxy gel ensuring it remains non porous and stain resistant. A further polyurethane finishing coat is added with a non slip media to ensure the finished surface Continue reading

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