Safety Flooring and Pathways for Golf Clubs and Driving Ranges

FlexFlooring Ltd offers the perfect solution for those looking for a safe, stylish and seamless surface for golf pathways, golf floors and driving ranges. Our non-slip golf pathways offer a unique and high-quality durable surface in a wide range of colours specially tailored to fit your needs. Our installers have valuable experience and will complete the job seamlessly to create a sleek looking finish.

Our golf pathway surface is specifically designed to

  • Reduce the maintenance and noise associated with traditional hard paving
  • Reduce golf path washout from heavy rain
  • Increase the safety and aesthetic appeal of uneven surfaces traditionally made from grit, tarmac, crushed shell or similar.

We have over 10 years experience of installing golf pathways and have created the perfect product for these areas. Our key product for club walkways, driving ranges, buggy paths and other hard wearing areas is Rubbaflex sg,  Read more….

Rubbaflex sg is a 1-4mm blend of EPDM rubber granules  which create a strong breathable surface that can deal with the rigours of spiked foot traffic.


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Other benefits of Rubbaflex Golf

  • Great noise absorption
  • Reduce foot traffic noise around tees
  • Tough and wear resistant to spiked shoes
  • Suitable for golf buggy use
  • Softer than tarmac and paving making it more pleasant to walk on
  • Does not pick up in hot weather
  • Low maintenance and easily repairable
  • Can be laid at 40mm onto compacted stone or 15mm onto concrete
  • Excess moisture will efficiently drain down through the base construction as the surface is fully porous
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