Playgrounds and play areas

Flexflooring have been installing playgrounds for schools, theme parks and nurseries for over ten years. Rubbaflex SG is a tried and tested material providing both a colourful and safe surface.

There are several considerations you need to think about when planning and installing this safety surface.

Play park floors

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Playgrounds and play areas

Flexflooring have installed our Rubbaflex SG safety surface in a number of schools, theme parks and nurseries. Some of the practical considerations are detailed below.

Stone Base

Stone base

The construction of the surface will depend on the type of subbase you already have or intend to build. For a compact stone or type 1 base, before any topping surface can be installed a base surface of approximately 25mm needs to be installed before the final 15mm of topping.

Solid Base

Solid base

If you are covering a solid base such as tarmac or concrete, then the minimum thickness of a 1-4mm Rubbaflex SG surface must be approximately 15mm. As this does not require a base layer, it will often be a cheaper solution, dependant upon colour choice.

Critical Fall Heights

Critical fall heights

Most playgrounds have some form of climbing equipment on them. The depth and area around such equipment will be determined by the free fall height of that element. The higher the equipment, the deeper the depth and the surrounding area needs to be.

Playground Design


The most cost effective Rubbbfalex SG surface is black. However, there are many colours available and Flexflooring can incorporate almost any design. However, the more complex the design and the more colours used will have an impact on cost.

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