Resin Patios

Why not move away from traditional paved patios and install a resin patio? Flexflooring have many years of experience in the supply and installation of quality resin bound paving for both residential and commercial usage.

  • Quick installation – use your patio 24 after installation.
  • Great finish – high-quality patios at low prices.
  • Industry specialists – we have years of resin flooring expertise.

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Resin Patios

It’s not just patios!

We don’t just do patios, we’re experts in resin drivewaysswimming pool surrounds, kitchens and living areas!

Our resin patio materials

Stonex Resin Bound for patios uses a small coloured or natural stone that knits close together to give a seamless smooth (but textured) look. A PU coated stone combined with a UV stable polyurethane binder ensure that your resin-bound patio surface is colour fast.

This is a porous product, so if laid on a porous asphalt, water will drain naturally.

Flexflooring can install a Stonex resin bound patio, onto a concrete or asphalt base. There are many colour choices and we can even add silver or gold glitter for that extra bling. Our floors are installed with a quality coloured or natural stone with a UV resistant binder to ensure your patio keeps its colour throughout its lifetime.

Resin Path

What is a Resin Bound Surface?

A resin bound patio surface, is a flooring system made up of a mixture of aggregate, which can be coloured or natural. This mixture can be used to create a patio space in both residential and commercial areas.

Due to the smooth, durable and permeable surface, resin patios have become increasingly popular. The qualities of the product also mean that it is a very practical, functional and low maintenance option but they also a wonderful aesthetic appeal.

Why install a Flexflooring resin patio?

Flexflooring patios provide the following benefits:

  • Hardwearing – A durable, hard wearing, long lasting, low maintenance surface.
  • Easy access – The smooth surface makes it ideal for ramps used by wheelchairs, buggies or bicycles.
  • Colour fast and UV stable – No colour change from UV exposure.
  • Easy to maintain– Strong enough to withstand pressure washing.
  • Great slip resistance.
  • Resistant to weeds – Roots aren’t able to grow.
  • Adaptable – Design work including logos, motifs and lettering can be easily incorporated.
  • Permeable – Water can flow freely through the surface, which complies with SUDS regulations.
  • Fast installation – Use your brand new patio 1 day after it’s been laid.

Resin Patios FAQ’s

Below, the Flexflooring team answers some of the frequently asked questions we receive about fitting a resin patio – and why you should!

How Much Does a Resin Patio Cost?

It’s tricky to give an exact cost because every resin patio will vary depending on the size of the area, preparatory works, the colour and type of aggregate used and what edging you require for your new deck.

As a rough idea, the average resin patio costs £50 a square metre and upwards.

If you would like a more accurate price, please get in touch with Flexflooring for a no-obligation quotation!

What Are the Benefits of a Resin Patio?

Resin patios are extremely durable, so one of the biggest advantages is that your freshly laid patio will last for years and remain in impeccable condition.

UV-resistant resin will not fade over time, and you get a hard wearing surface that is perfectly smooth and ideal for buggies, wheelchairs and easy access to your home or garden.

Does a Resin Patio Allow for Proper Water Drainage?

Yes, resin is weed resistant and non-slip, but it is also permeable, meaning water can drain through the surface.

Once your resin patio has cured, you will not experience any collecting surface water, and all Flexflooring resin patios comply with the SUDS regulations.

The only maintenance requirements are to sweep your resin patio periodically and occasionally jet wash to remove surface debris.

What Colour Are Resin Patios Available in?

Resin patios are entirely customisable, so you can select any colour, aggregate size, design, pattern or aesthetic you feel would best compliment your home and outside spaces!

Flexflooring can provide complimentary samples to help you select your perfect colour or blend, or you can visit our Case Studies for examples of previous work to give you inspiration.

How Is a Resin Patio Laid?

Resin is laid either onto asphalt or a sub-base, depending on the nature of the ground and materials. The aggregate is blended with resin and a UV stable binder before being poured.

After installation, the resin must be left to cure and become completely hard, which is affected by environmental factors such as temperature.

Can I Customise My Resin Patio Design?

Flexflooring can help you design and create a tailored resin patio with a limitless array of colours, patterns, shapes, and emblems to choose from.

Your rein patio could feature stripes, swirls, contrasting edging, a logo or family crest or any other pattern you wish to use.

How Long Does it Take to Lay a Resin Patio?

Installation times will vary depending on the extent of preparatory work required to ensure the sub-base is suitable and the volume of the patio space.

Once your resin patio is laid, it requires just 24 hours of drying time before you can walk on it – ideally, a few more days until heavier furniture is moved to allow the resin time to dry thoroughly.

Can Weeds Still Grow Through a Resin Patio?

A resin patio does not allow weeds to grow from beneath the surface- although the surface is porous, it is completely weed resistant.

How Do I Keep a Resin Patio Looking New?

The only tasks required to ensure your resin patio looks immaculate are a regular sweep and jet wash – these jobs simply remove dirt or dust, and you do not need to invest any time in further repairs!

Unlike conventional paving, the resin has no gaps between slabs, so it is not vulnerable to weed growth and will not fade with exposure to the sun.

Why Choose Flexflooring for My Resin Patio?

Flexflooring is a team of resin specialists and can recommend the right aggregate, resin and applications for your outdoor spaces and gardens.

Our qualified technicians can advise on styles and textures, and all the materials we incorporate are individually sourced from our trusted European supplier network.

Is a Resin Patio Cheaper Than Block Paving?

Often resin seems like a premium, expensive patio option, but in many cases, it is more affordable than block paving.

The other cost factor is that a resin patio will last for years and requires minimal maintenance, so it is considerably more efficient as the resin will not fade, chip or break as with many other types of paving.

How Long Will a Resin Patio Last?

Although longevity can vary a little with different uses, a resin-bound patio will normally last between ten and 20 years.

This durability is one of the most significant benefits of a resin patio, which will stay in fantastic shape for decades without ongoing maintenance, repairs, or patching over cracks or breakages.

Resin does not incorporate edges, ridges or joins, so there is no need to regrout or cement patches of the patio with the heaviest use. 

Are Resin Patios Slippery?

The resin in your patio itself can become slippery in rain or wet conditions, but there are several options and design features that ensure your deck is smooth yet stable.

Examples include anti-slip sand or grit components within the aggregate or surface treatment that provides plenty of traction to remove any slip hazards, even in poor weather.

Can I Pressure Wash a Resin Patio?

Yes, you can use a jet washer or pressure washer to ensure your resin patio remains gleaming and bright. We recommend setting the pressure up to 150 bar as a maximum to avoid putting unnecessary strain on the resin.

The ideal pressure washing temperature is cool rather than cold, providing the safest way to keep a resin patio clean.

Do I Need a New Sub-Base to Lay a Resin Patio?

Potentially – our expert resin flooring team will be able to look at your garden or property and advise on whether the existing surface is suitable to lay resin directly onto.

Most resin patios are poured onto a tarmac or concrete base, and preparations may be required if the floor is unstable or uneven.

Why buy from Flexflooring?

  • We have several years of valuable experience in producing and installing resin based surfaces and decorative flooring.

  • We are a truly national company, offering supply and installation across the UK.

  • We have our own in-house team of skilled technicians for each installation guaranteeing you the highest quality of work for both inside and outside areas.

  • We ensure each one of our floors does not compromise safety.

  • Our floors come in a range of colours, styles and textures, giving you access to a large choice of flooring for your project whether you are looking for a particular shade of colour or safety feature.

  • We only use materials of the highest quality, hand-sourced from all over Europe.

We encourage you to check out our case study page where you’ll be able to see what we’ve done on previous patio installation projects.

Domestic Resin Patio

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Resin Patio

How Much Do Resin Patios Cost?

So how much will a new patio cost you? Well, this will depend on factors such as:

  • The size/colour of the material required.
  • The use of UV stable or Non UV stable resin.
  • The use of edging.
  • The layout of the installation area.
  • The size of the installation area.
  • The duration of the installation process (e.g. preparation, cleaning etc).
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