Splashparks and Splashpads

Flexflooring have installed a number of splashpads for local councils and specialist construction companies. Our Rubbaflex fg product is ideally designed for this use. Due to the smaller crumb grain size, these surfaces can be installed at 6mm, meaning less dirty water remains in the surface and hence is more hygienic.

Splashparks and Splashpools

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Splash parks and splash pads

Flexflooring have installed our Rubbaflex fg surface on a number of splashparks around the country, whether for local councils or some of the better known theme parks. An ideal surface for kids to run riot on.

Splashpark Base Prep

Base prep

Most splashparks are constructed on a concrete sub base. It is imperative that the concrete base has good comprehensive strength and we would strongly recommend consulting with Flexflooring before installing this base.

Splashpark Rubbaflex fg

Rubbaflex fg

Rubbaflex fg uses a high quality EPDM with a UV resistant binder to ensure that the surface holds its colour in this harsh chlorinated environment. Further more a small granule size 0.5-1.5mm allows for a more compact and hygienic surface.

Splashpool Design


Splashparks are built for small children and due to the nature of the product, Flexflooring can construct almost any design you can imagine.

Splashpark Construction


Spashparks have features installed around the area. This must be installed at around 6mm proud to avoid ramping up. We strongly recommend that the concrete surfaces are built with falls to drains, to avoid stagnant pools of water.

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