Epoxies offer a tough industrial surface for working environments subject to heavy foot and fork lift traffic.

A the bottom end, in terms of budget, are epoxy coatings. Normally applied to a concrete slab, the preparation work will require the surface to be ground using diamond tooling, before applying primers and two coats of pigmented epoxy. It must be remembered this is a coating, so will reflect the quality of the concrete slab.

An epoxy self leveller or self smoother is an epoxy combined with a filler that gives the epoxy a little more depth. This can be used to regenerate the surface and will cover any minor imperfections in the concrete slab,

It must be remembered that all epoxies will yellow in natural light over time and will also scratch to some extent. To combat these properties, at an additional cost, one can add a scratch and UV resistant polyurethane top coat.


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