Pool Surrounds and Fitting room flooring

Flexflooring’s heritage originated in the supply and install of surfaces designed for wet leisure environments. Flexflooring have over 20 years’ experience in this sector.

Commercial Pool Surrounds

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Swimming pool and changing room flooring

Flexflooring have installed literally hundreds of of surfaces in the wet leisure industry. These include school pools, leisure centres, holiday parks, lido’s and even Navy training centres.

School Pools

Especially true for school pools, safety is a key consideration. For outdoor pools we would recommend Rubbaflex fg, extremely slip resistant, with a degree of impact absorption and very soft under foot. For indoor pools we would recommend a quartz screed, offering slip resistance and a non- porous surface.


Changing Areas

Probably the most important element in this environment is hygiene. We would strongly recommend the use of a stonex quartz screed. These are seamless (no grout joints to collect dirt) and non-absorbent, so easier to clean and maintain.

Holiday Parks

Holiday Parks

Similar to school pools, we would recommend similar products. You will note from the picture that these materials can be installed both vertically as well as on horizontal surface.

Health Clubs

Health Clubs

For indoor environments we would recommend the stonex quartz screed, although some establishments have used our stonex quartz carpet. There are many choices of resin floor available.

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