Rubbaflex fg ® is a porous product, and this finer blend gives a smoother more compressed aesthetically pleasing surface finish. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, vertically and horizontally.

Rubbaflex fg is available in a number of colours and can be blended together to give an infinite number of unique colour combinations.

Characteristic and benefits; soft, like rubber, colourful, porous, compact, impact absorbent, seamless.

Typical uses; Swimming pool surrounds, Splash Parks,

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Rubbaflex fg Granules

Rubbaflex fg granules are 0.5-1.5mm and are of the highest quality, manufactured by Gezolan in Switzerland, they provide;

  • A compact and aesthetically pleasing surface.
  • Excellent UV and weather resistance.
  • Long term elasticity and consistent colour.
  • Are durable and hard wearing.


Flexflooring use a selection of polyurethane binders sourced from around Europe.

There are two classes of polyurethane binders;

Aliphatic binders, are a non yellowing, UV stable binder which dramatically reduces colour fade. It is a class of isocyanate used in the manufacture of light stable coatings, more expensive than…

Aromatic binders, commonly used in the construction of playgrounds, but will cause colours to fade in UV light, as it is a class of isocyanate which is sensitive to Oxidisation and prone to degradation in direct sunlight.

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