A Stonex Quartz carpet is made up of millions of grains of sand. Sizes range from 1 -2mm, 2 to 3mm or 3 to 4mm. Due to erosion in riverbeds over millions of years, these grains have been beautifully rounded off and provide a smooth compact surface. This aggregate is combined with a binding agent such as polyurethane or epoxy and trowelled into place by a professional trades person. Due to the smaller size of aggregate, these surface are usually installed at a depth of between 4 and 6mm.

For indoor areas where the likelihood of contamination is greater, such as toilets, kitchens, living rooms and offices the tiny pores are filled with a transparent filler and the surface is finished with a protective top coat applied by roller.

Our range of Stonex surfaces is constantly growing, so please contact the office to discuss your needs or just get some samples.

Stonex Quartz Carpet Domestic

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Stonex Quartz Carpet


There are many different types of natural and coloured aggregates on the market. Each aggregate has its own unique properties, such as hardness, skid resistance, abrasion value etc.

Coloured aggregate is coloured with various organic and/or inorganic pigments and is heat treated and coated with an epoxy or polyurethane system.

Depending on the selected pigments and/or resins, the quartz will be more or less sensitive to UV. For applications that are exposed to direct UV light, we recommend that a PU-coloured system be used.

Flexflooring Ltd is an independent installer and not tied to any one manufacturer or supplier of these systems.


For external installations we would always advise a UV stable (aliphatic) polyurethane binder. Polyurethane binders can also be used indoors, and have a certain amount of flexibility that will allow for a small amount of movement in the sub base.

An alternative binder is an epoxy binder. These binders cure very hard which although means they are much harder than a polyurethane, also means that they will not cope with much, if any, movement in the sub base. Epoxy binders will also yellow over time when exposed to UV light.


Available Blends

Pore Fillers

Pore Fillers

In an indoor environment we would recommend that a Stonex Quartz Carpet floor is pore filled. When the floor is installed there will exist a number of tiny pores between the stones, where dirt and small debris can become lodged.

A pore filler can be forced into these pores. The picture shows a Stonex Quartz Carpet floor during the pore fill. The white grout material fills the pores and then cures clear, giving a closed pore finish. This will also make the surface easier to clean.

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