The ideal kitchen floor

Over the last few years Flex Flooring have gained vast experience in installing various different resin based kitchen flooring. Each of our floors comes with it’s own unique character, advantages and disadvantages.

Microcements are a very popular choice. Each microcement floor has it’s own unique finish, more of an industrial look and a very forgiving floor in terms of keeping clean. There are a number of different colour ranges, although grey seems to be the most favoured colour. Read our guide to ‘how much poured polished concrete flooring costs to install per m2‘, a more expensive alternative to Microscree.

Stonex Sand is a very fine aggregate combined with an epoxy. These floors are very decorative with an endless choice of colours. They are also known for being extremely hard wearing and are often used in industrial kitchens.

Comfort floors are now a popular choice, sometimes described as liquid vinyl, these are colourful poured polyurethane floors, normally on a rubber or cork base to allow for a little bit of give in the floor. Quite a modern sterile look.


Products we recommend


For a contemporary industrial look, why not install a microscreed. Designed to look similar to a polished concrete floor, at a lot less cost, each microscreed floor has its own unique character. Find out ‘how much-polished concrete per m2′ – Flexflooring’s alternative to polished concrete is microscreed.

Stonex Sand

A very fine coloured quartz sand combined with an epoxy and sealed gives a very hard wearing yet decorative floor. Used widely in industry, for it’s toughness, these floors are just as at home, in the home.

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