PU Comfort Floors or highly elastic polyurethane self smoothing floors to be more precise are designed to be comfortable underfoot, noise reducing and are available in a number of colours.

They are popular choice for commercial environments. They are extremely hygienic, and very easy to clean given the smooth finish. There are a number of products on the market from many of the large flooring manufacturers. Flexflooring have experience of a number of these, but our system of choice is the Arturo range, PU2030, PU2035 and PU2060 dependant on load requirements.

Characteristics and Benefits; Seamless, high walking comfort, low emission, AgBB certified, easy to clean, hygienic,

Typical uses; Any internal space where you require a clean, clinical looking floor. Click here If you are looking for industrial flooring for warehouses.

Comfort Floors

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Comfort Floors

System Build Up

As with all flooring systems, the condition of the sub strata is most important. The first stage of the process is to prepare the sub base, ensuring that it is smooth and free of dust and sealing the surface with a suitable epoxy primer or scratch coat

After the floor has been prepared the highly elastic decorative self smoothing product is applied. Once this has fully cured, there are a number of sealers that can be applied to the surface.

Typical thickness is 2-3mm

These floors are sometimes referred to as liquid vinyl.

For more information, visit arturoflooring.com.

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