Living Area Flooring

As resin technology evolves, there are numerous different floors that are available on the market. Why not arrange to visit our showroom and let us help find the right floor for your space.


It’s not just living area!

We don’t just do living areas, we’re experts in resin driveways, kitchenspool surrounds and patios.

Our flooring recommendations



are a very popular choice. Each microcement floor has it’s own unique finish, more of an industrial look and a very forgiving floor in terms of keeping clean. There are a number of different colour ranges,  Read our guide to ‘how much poured polished concrete flooring costs to install per m2‘, a more expensive alternative to Microcement.

Stonex Quartz Screed

Stone Quartz Screed

A very fine aggregate combined with an epoxy. These floors are very decorative with an endless choice of colours. They are also known for being extremely hard wearing.

PU Comfort Floors

PU Comfort Floors

Now a popular choice, sometimes described as liquid vinyl, these are colourful poured polyurethane floors, with that extra little bit of comfort underfoot. Quite a modern clinical look.

Pour filled Stonex Quartz Carpet

Another popular choice is our quartz carpet. Normally a coloured 1-2mm aggregate, closely compacted and pour filled to ensure crumbs and particles do not rest in the surface.

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