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Live on the surface

Flexflooring have installed in many different areas of domestic living, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, we are sure we can find a surface that suits you, whether contemporary or traditional looking, there is plenty of choice.

Products we recommend

Comfort Floor

Comfort floors or cushioned floors are made up of a cork or rubber mat and then overlaid with a coloured polyurethane coat, sometimes called liquid vinyl. They are seamless, extremely hygienic and easy to clean, giving a very modern look to any internal space.


Micro screed  is a decorative screed with a waxed finish, imitating polished concrete. Microscreed is Flexfloorings alternative to polished concrete, a cheaper flooring solution which still enables customers to achieve the same finish – you can see how much polished concrete costs per m2 here.

Stonex Sand

Stonex sand is a very fine coloured quartz which is combined with an epoxy, laid and then sealed with an epoxy gel and finally a polyurethane finishing coat is applied. The result is a very hard, decorative and seamless surface, suitable for virtually any environment

Stonex 1-3mm

Stonex 1-3mm is a small coloured or natural stone that knits close together to give a seamless smooth (but textured) look. A PU coated stone combined with a UV stable polyurethane binder ensure that you surface is colour fast.  

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