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At Flexflooring we pride ourselves on creating seamless, safe and attractive surfaces that are non slip and in keeping with your pool environment. Our range of products, combined with over 15 years of experience in installing pool surrounds, allows us to provide you with the ideal system for your pool, indoors and outdoors

 We offer;

  • Free quotation and site visit.
  • Quality materials sourced from the UK and Europe.
  • Industry expertise.

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It’s not just pools!

We don’t just do pools, we’re experts in resin driveways, living areas, kitchens and patios!

Our recommendations

Pool Flooring

Rubbaflex fg

The finest synthetic rubber granules combined with a strong UV resistant polyurethane resin, ensure your pool surround will remain bright, good non-slip resistance and impact absorbent. Ideal for young children. Can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Stonex Quartz Screed

A very fine aggregate combined with an epoxy. These floors are very decorative with an endless choice of colours. These surfaces are impermeable and hence very hygienic, like having the benefits of a tile but without the grout joints. A fine polymer material can be added to improve the slip resistance. Indoors only.

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Stonex Quartz Carpet

Another popular choice is our quartz carpet with a UV stable resin to ensure colour fastness. This material can look great on both indoor and outdoor surrounds.

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You can speak to us about pool surrounds on 01622 747909 or complete our online form. We can travel all over the UK but mainly serve Kent, London, Essex and Surrey.

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Why buy a floor from Flexflooring

  • We can help you find the best material for your taste and needs.
  • Seamless surfaces improving the hygienic properties of the surface.
  • Poured surfaces allow for perfect fitting, whatever the shape.
  • Easy to maintain and durable.
  • Many colour options and textures to choose from.
  • Professional installation from skilled workmen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Surface Can I Use to Surround My Pool?

Several high-performance, non-slip safety flooring solutions are suited to pool surrounds, whether private or public, indoor or outdoor. Flexflooring can recommend the ideal flooring for your pool, assessing your preferred design, the location of your pool, and any other considerations, such as exposure to prolonged sunlight.

Stonex Quartz Screed is a fantastic option for indoor pool surrounds, with a fine, detailed aggregate that provides a range of colour and depth, with added hygienic properties and long-lasting epoxy for durability.

Rubbaflex FG surrounds are suited to indoor and outdoor applications, with UV resistance for a durable finish and impact absorption designed for additional safety and excellent for pools used by families and children.

Will Our Flooring Make Our Swimming Pool More Attractive?

Undoubtedly, yes! A beautifully smooth, level, and bright pool surround can amplify the aesthetic of your pool many times over and has a superior, customised appearance that outperforms conventional flooring such as tiles many times over.

Grout between tiles can trap bacteria and dirt, require replacement every year, and look dull after a short time. In contrast, a professionally fitted quartz screed pool surround has no lines, joins or deviations that transfer bacteria between users, and requires minimal maintenance to remain in as-new condition.

How Long Do Our Pool Surrounds Last?

Most resin and screed flooring surrounds will last at least ten years, depending on the environment, although substantially more with good routine maintenance, such as general cleaning. We also provide professional warranties, supported by streamlined installation, expert advice from our flooring engineers, and we can also provide formal certification to attest to the slip safety and technical specifications of your new floor, if required.

What Are the Safety Features of Our Pool Surrounds?

Each pool surround has varying features and safety provisions. Our Technical Data sheets and Slip Test Certifications are available to download or on request from the Flexflooring team for risk assessment and quality assurance purposes.

Safety features include:

  • Resistance to chemicals and UV damage
  • Level, even poured flooring to eliminate trip hazards
  • Additives included in the blending process as a slip preventative
  • Impact absorbent rubber finishes to cushion falls

Flexflooring often works with outdoor attractions, leisure centres and outdoor spaces. Many splash pads, pools and spa facilities require certified non-slip, or impact-resistant pool surrounds. We can advise on the optimal flooring depth and finish to achieve any necessary user safeguards.

Why Is Resin or Epoxy Preferable to Brick or Tile for a Pool Surround?

The cost of maintaining brick and tile surrounds is considerably higher because each unit is susceptible to movement, cracking, or breakage. Grout and cement used to lay bricks and tiles can deteriorate with rain, heat and cold and become unsightly when the surface begins to capture dust and dirt particles.

Resin and epoxy are trowelled into place with a smooth, level surface with no edges, joins or grout and are considerably safer when installed with non-slip additives.

While traditional bricks and ceramic tiles are attractive initially, they require ongoing investment to keep the pool surround looking clean. In contrast, a Flexflooring surround, if well maintained, will last for years to come without showing signs of wear and tear.

Is Epoxy Suitable for Pool Decking?

Epoxy is a great option and can be used to resurface a tired pool deck or construct a brand-new pool surround. The finish is hard-wearing, water and chemical resistant, and lasts for years, compatible with any pool finish, including concrete or fibreglass edging. 

Can I Use the Same Flooring in My Changing Rooms to Match the Pool Surround?

Yes, we regularly construct flawless resin or epoxy floors in changing rooms and other spaces in and around swimming pools, plunge pools, jacuzzis and spa facilities.

The superb performance of an epoxy screed flooring system is perfect for any space exposed to heavy footfall, water, and moisture. It won’t become saturated or collect surface water that can present a hazard.

What Colours Can I Choose From for a Pool Surround?

Any colours you like! Flexflooring fits pool surrounds in a wide array of sizes, designs, and aggregates, where the dimensions of the particles encased in your flooring match the décor, colour schemes and feel of your swimming pool.

Every floor is tailored to your needs and can be laid with precision to create complex shapes or coloured strips, intricate patterns, or sharp angles. Please get in touch for advice about the best aggregate for your pool or to review the spectrum of colours and styles available.

"I just wanted to say how pleased we are with the final result of the Rubberflex FG. We would like you to thank the 4 guys who did the work at our house on your behalf, they really did do a great job. They all seemed to enjoy their work and kept everything clean and also cleared up at the finish of the job. All the work done looks great and you certainly have some good guys working with you."

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