Domestic Pool Surrounds

Safe, Stylish, Seamless

At Flexflooring we pride ourselves on creating seamless, safe and attractive surfaces that are non slip and in keeping with your pool environment. Our range of products,  combined with over 15 years of experience in installing pool surrounds, allows us to provide you with the ideal system for your pool, indoors and outdoors. Choose between our Rubbaflex products (also known as a wet pour flooring solution) or our Stonex products, both are seamless surfaces, providing non-slip surrounds and with a range of colours and aggregates.

Products we recommend

Rubbaflex fg

The finest EPDM granules combined with the best PU / polyurethane resins ensures your pool surround will remain bright and non-slip. A impact absorbent surface, ideal for small children.

Stonex 1-3mm

Natural Quartz or coloured quartz combined with UV stable polyurethane resins to ensure your Stonex pool surround will last and remain the same colour throughout it’s life time.

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