Flexflooring is a specialist flooring and surfacing company with extensive experience in supplying and installing warehouse flooring and resin flooring systems for industrial use.

Our premium flooring systems are the ideal solution for warehouses, logistic centres or other commercial premises looking for a safe, non-slip, chemical resistant, hard wearing surface which withstands heavy loads and frequent traffic.

We Offer

  • Professional Installation – Using our skilled staff you can have confidence that your resin surface of choice will be installed efficiently and quickly.
  • Quality Materials – Flexflooring goes to great lengths to ensure we source only top quality materials. We ensure all of our installations are completed using quality materials sourced from reputable suppliers in the UK and EU, priced competitively.
  • Industry Experts – We have decades of experience laying warehouse flooring and more, we use experienced and skilled professional in all of our installations.
  • Support – We take pride in installing a top-quality surfaces and are happy to provide post-installation support, cleaning and maintenance information.

Please contact our team on 01622 747909 for a free quote and further information on our fantastic range of products.

Our Warehouse Flooring

At Flexflooring we have supplied and installed various type of warehouse, commercial and industrial flooring solutions for a multitude of purposes, from loading bays, logistics centres, chemical plants, and packing warehouses for example. We install flooring systems to various specifications, requirements, and applications depending on your needs and specifications. We are proud to offer high-quality warehouse floorings at a competitive price and within your time estimates.

Warehouse flooring options

Epoxy Coating & Self-Levellers

Epoxy is a renowned tough and industrial flooring solution that has been specifically engineered to endure heavy footfall, machinery and vehicle use. Epoxies can be installed as either a coating or as a self-leveller.

Stonex Quartz Screed

Stonex Quartz Screed, is a quartz/epoxy mortar. This is a durable, very hard wearing material composed of quartz, epoxy and an epoxy gel. These materials ensure a very strong non-porous, chemical-resistance surface. Stonex Quartz Screed is commonly found in heavy industrial environment or pharmaceutical premises.

PU Screed

Stronger than concrete, PU screed, also known as polyurethane screed offers hardwearing surface resistant against fats, acids and chemical exposure. PU screed surfaces are often found in the food, beverage and chemical processes industries. You can also benefit from non-slip properties offering a safe and risk-free environment.

Cementitious SL Compounds

Not as strong as a epoxy or pu based system, a cementitious SL will greatly enhance the quality of the surface at a more competitive price. Often used to smooth out a pitted concrete base.

Top Coats

There are various top coats that can be applied to the epoxy and SL floors.

All epoxies will yellow to an extent in UV light. This can be mitigated by applying a UV blocking agent to the final surface.

As well as UV blocking, there are other coats available offering scratch resistance and to ease cleaning by offering a high degree of stain resistance. Please speak to one of our project managers for more information.

It’s not just warehouse flooring!

We don’t just do warehouse and commercial flooring, we are also specialists in supplying and installing resin drivewaysswimming pool surroundsgolf pathways,  driving ranges, playground flooring, top coats and colour change, and a range of domestic and commercial flooring solutions!

Why buy a Flexflooring Warehouse Flooring system?

Our Flexflooring warehouse flooring options provide the following benefits:

  • Hardwearing – our warehouse flooring solutions offer a durable, hardwearing and long lasting surface that is suitable for an environment where there are high traffic loads and heavy machinery and vehicles.
  • Versatility – epoxy, in particular, is highly versatile and can be used for a variety of applications including garages, factories, warehouses and restaurants etc. What’s more, epoxy floors come in a range of textures and colours, allowing you the freedom to choose the right finish for your environment.
  • Low Maintenance – each industrial flooring option is low maintenance due to the smooth, seamless finish. This means a mop or broom will only be required to clean your surface.
  • Slip Resistant –  our safety surfaces have been specifically designed to reduce the risk of slips, falls and accidents in industrial areas. Epoxy floors also benefit from being fire and heat resistant.
  • Chemical Resistant – the non-porous qualities of our warehouse flooring solutions make it difficult for chemicals and hazardous liquids to penetrate the surface.
  • Cost Effective – our industrial flooring options produce a cost-effective solution for enhancing your processes when compared to concrete.
  • Attractive – achieve a seamless, smooth finish with your warehouse flooring, that is both attractive and safe for your environment.
Why Buy Flex

Why buy from Flexflooring?

At Flexflooring we recognise the importance of safety required in environments such as warehouses, factories, and other industrial spaces. In areas where hazards and risks are high, we are keen to minimise any accidents through our safety flooring surfaces. Our materials have been rigorously tested to ensure they meet the needs and demands of warehouse owners and employees. Rest assured the safe, hardwearing and durable material provides a safe environment for company employees, whilst also helping to enhance operations and processes.

  • We have decades of valuable experience in resin-based safety surfacing and decorative flooring for both commercial and domestic use.
  • We can advise on all aspect of resin-based flooring.
  • We offer a supply and install service throughout the UK.
  • We only use an experienced team of skilled professionals to complete each installation, guaranteeing the most perfect, precise fitting for both interior and exterior areas.
  • We ensure our flooring surfaces do not compromise the safety of others.
  • Our flooring surfaces come in a wide range of different colours, styles, and textures. Benefit from an extensive choice of flooring that can be tailor-made to suit your taste, decor, and preferences – perfect to complement the surrounding area.
  • Our floors are made from quality materials, sourced from reputable UK and European suppliers.

To see the success of our previous installation in commercial environments, please visit our gallery or read our case studies to see our materials in action!

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