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Flexflooring Ltd is a specialist flooring / surfacing company specialising in polyurethane and epoxy based flooring systems. We have years of experience in resin based safety surfacing and decorative flooring.

Our products can be used for various installations from swimming pool surrounds to splash pads, golf paths to playground flooring, paths , resin bound driveways and kitchens, retail spaces to restaurants, factory floors to warehouse .

Flexflooring offers a supply and install service throughout the UK and beyond and we only use our own team of skilled technicians for each installation.




Every Flexflooring installation offers:

Fantastic slip resistance –our floors ensure safety is not compromised. Ideal finish: our floors are installed by our experienced team of technicians leaving you with the perfect floor Great colour choice: our floors can blend with any surrounding area.

Flexflooring is run by a small, knowledgeable team, whose individual skill sets create a formidable unit. Key personnel are:

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Simon Hubble, Managing Director

Knowledge Base:  Flooring materials, construction techniques, knowing the right product for the right job, things you only learn from installation experience.

Most important skill brought to Flexflooring: Pushing product innovation and ensuring Flexflooring’s products and services meet the needs of our customers.

In my previous life… I have sold fertilizer to the agricultural trade, beer to patrons of various pubs and worked in the construction industry.

Don’t ask me to… concentrate on one thing at a time, I like the buzz of having lots on the go!

Most Likely to……leave keys/phone/wallet on site



Lauren Baker- Office Manager

Knowledge Base:  All things logistical and accountancy, SAGE, Quickbooks, knowing how the office works and verging on OCD tidiness.

Most important skill brought to Flexflooring: Ability to keep Simon on track

In my previous life… Worked in retail and publishing

Don’t ask me to… Make a cup of tea

Most Likely to…… Ignore any adverse comment

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Rhys Dobson – Senior Installation Manager

Knowledge Base:  surface preparation, epoxy and polyurethane screeds, coatings

Most important skill brought to Flexflooring: Eye for detail and experience in the application of various flooring products.

In my previous life…A lifer in the flooring industry, its all I know ! Have worked in chemical plants, high end domestic premises, the Olympic park, and many more.

Don’t ask me to… let somebody else do the hand grinding, I find it strangely enjoyable

Most Likely to…… moan about mess and clutter in the van

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Matt Tring – Project Manager

Knowledge Base: Construction

Most important skill brought to Flexflooring: Ability to work independently and  a strong desire to ensure good customer service .

In my previous life… a little diverse, actor and dancer to roofing technician.

Don’t ask me to… to eat healthily.

Most likely to….to make the office laugh.

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Buddharaj Gurung – Yardsmen

Knowledge Base: Range of flooring products (and where they are stored !)

Most important skill brought to Flexflooring: Organisation and running the yard in military fashion. .

In my previous life… 37 years as a Gurkha in the 36 Engineer Regiment

Don’t ask me to… you can ask me anything

Most likely to….to out run you over any distance.


Sharon Greenslade – Project Manager

Knowledge Base: Administration, project manager, QuickBooks and research methodologies. Quality systems management to ISO:9001

Most important skill brought to Flexflooring: Organisational skills, running multiple projects and an eye for detail.

In my previous life: 25 years in business to business market research and project & quality management.

Don’t ask me to… stay out later than 10 o’clock

Most likely to...out dress you!

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