Flexflooring have years of experience in the supply and installation of resin paths for both residential and commercial usage.

  • Fast installation – use your pathway 24 after installation
  • High quality resin pathways at competitive prices
  • Industry specialists – we have years of path laying expertise

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Resin bound paths

It’s not just paths!

We don’t just do paths, we’re experts in resin drivewaysswimming pool surroundsresin patiosresin balconies and even playground flooring!

Why buy a Flexflooring Resin Pathway?

Flexflooring Resin bound pathways provide the following benefits:

  • Hardwearing – a durable, hard wearing, long lasting, low maintenance surface
  • Soft feeling – walk in style, walk with comfort.
  • Flexible – It’s perfect for shaped areas and it can even be laid in decorative patterns.
  • Easy access: Ideal for paths or ramps used by wheelchairs, buggies or bicycles.
  • Colour fast and UV stable – no colour change from UV exposure
  • Easy to maintain: Tough enough to withstand pressure washing
  • Good slip resistance
  • Resistant to weeds – the roots can’t take hold
  • Adaptable – Design work including logos, motifs and lettering can be easily incorporated.
  • Permeable: Water can flow freely through the surface, which complies with SUDS regulations.
  • Fast installation: Use your brand new resin path 1 day after it’s been laid.
Resin paths

What is Resin Bound Paving?

Resin bound paving is a flooring system made of a mixture of natural or coloured aggregate or rubber, and resin. The porous material is used to pave pathways and outdoor footpaths in residential and commercial areas.

Resin paths can now be seen anywhere and everywhere – and they’re without doubt one of the most popular paving materials on the market. The smooth, durable, and permeable surface, in combination with its low maintenance qualities, makes resin pathways an incredibly practical choice that is not only functional, but also offers a wonderful aesthetic appeal.

Resin pathways

Why buy From FlexFlooring?

  • We have years of valuable experience in resin based safety surfacing and decorative flooring.
  • We offer a supply and install service throughout the UK and we only use our own team of skilled technicians for each installation.
  • We ensure each one of our floors does not compromise safety.
  • Our floors are installed by our experienced team of experts, guaranteeing you the the highest quality of work for both inside and outside areas.
  • Our floors come in a wide range of different colours, styles and textures, giving you an extensive choice of flooring that suits all different tastes, décors, interiors and exteriors.
  • Our floors are constructed of quality materials, sourced by us from all over Europe.

We encourage you to check out our case study page where you’ll be able to see what we’ve done on previous paving installation projects.

How much do Resin Paths Cost?

So how much will a resin pathway cost you? Well, this will depend on factors such as:

  • The size/colour of the material required
  • The use of UV stable or Non UV stable resin
  • The use of edging
  • The layout of the installation area
  • The size of the installation area
  • The duration of the installation process (e.g preparation, cleaning etc).

For out more information about how much resin paving costs here.

Products we recommend

Stonex Quartz Carpet

Stonex Quartz Carpet

Stonex Quartz Carpet is a small coloured or natural stone that knits close together to give a seamless smooth (but textured) look. A PU coated stone combined with a UV stable polyurethane binder ensures that you surface is colour fast. This is a porous product, so if laid on a porous asphalt, water will drain

Rubbaflex sg

Rubbaflex sg

Rubbaflex sg is a soft porous product, ideal for pathways with a softer feel. Commonly used in the construction of golf pathways and in some schools, impact absorbent and non slip, available in black or colour.

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