Factory Floors

There are many different products available for industrial environments, such as factory or warehouse floors. Much is dependant on the use and traffic requirements. These products perform differently and are also dependant on budget. Whether it is slip resistance, mechanical loading, chemical loading or a tough yet decorative floor you require, there will be a resin floor that suits your needs.

Products we recommend

Epoxy coatings and self levellers

Epoxy coatings and self levellers offer a tough industrial surface. Normally applied to a concrete slab, they are ideal for factory and warehouse floors that are subject to heavy foot traffic and light industrial traffic.

PU Screed

Polyurethane Screeds offer good resistance against fats, acids, and chemical exposure and are commonly used in the food, beverage and chemical process industries.  They can be applied to be steam cleanable and provide a textured surface, offering good non slip properties.  

Stonex Sand

Stonex sand consists of fine quartz combined with an epoxy binder. These surface are extremely hard and ideal for heavy industrial use.

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