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Are you looking for professional office flooring or shop flooring? There are many colourful and durable products that are available to give a different dimension to your area.  Flexflooring have installed various different coloured resin bound stonex floors, Microscreed gives you that modern industrial look, whereas the colour range on our Stonex Sand product is endless. Comfort floors give you a very modern, seamless liquid vinyl affect or go something a little different like a metallic epoxy.

Make the most of that space and create its own unique character.

If you’re undecided whether a microscreed flooring solution would be right for your area, read our ‘The cost of poured polished concrete per m2‘ guide to understanding the difference between polished concrete and microscreed, the pros and cons and the cost differences.

Products we recommend

Stonex Sand

Stonex sand is a very fine coloured quartz which is combined with an epoxy, laid and then sealed with an epoxy gel and finally a polyurethane finishing coat is applied. The result is a very hard, decorative and seamless surface, suitable for virtually any environment.

Stonex 1-3mm

Stonex 1-3mm is our smaller, more compact resin bound surface. It can be combined with a very hard epoxy or a more flexible UV stable polyurethane. There are many coloured quartz and natural quartz available. We would always recommend pore filling an internal floor for reasons of maintenance and hygene.


Microscreed (a type of microcement) gives a very industrial modern look to any working environment. Imitating polished concrete, each floor has its own individual character, with no two surfaces looking the same. Microscreed is a natural mineral material, but is water, rather then chemical based and combines cement with polymers, to give a tough but Continue reading

Comfort floor

Comfort floors or cushioned floors are made up of a cork or rubber mat and then overlaid with a coloured polyurethane base coat and a PU top coat, sometimes called liquid vinyl. They are seamless, extremely hygienic and easy to clean.

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