Safety Flooring for Splash Pads, Spray Parks and Interactive Water features

Bulwell Bogs Completed

FlexFlooring Ltd offers the perfect solution for those looking for a safe, stylish and seamless surface for splash pads, spray parks and paddling pools.  Our brightly coloured non-slip floors compliment interactive water features perfectly and crucially provide a safe environment for children to play on. Our anti-slip surfaces are specifically designed to reduce the incidence of wet/slip accidents and conform to the PWTAG advisory guidelines; the key guideline states that the surface used must be anti-slip and resistant to the chemicals used in these environments. We have an experienced team of in-house installation technicians who will install the non slip flooring.We have over 15 years experience of installing non-slip safety surfacing for Splash pads and spray parks, both privately and publicly funded and have created the perfect product for these high traffic areas.


Rubbaflex fg SPLASH is a unique blend of EPDM granules of varying sizes which create a strong breathable surface that can deal with the rigours of high foot traffic, as well as performing well even when in continual contact with chlorinated water.

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