Polyurethane Flooring / PU Flooring

At Flexflooring, we have a wealth of experience in supplying and installing polyurethane flooring solutions. We offer two types of polyurethane flooring solutions: PU Comfort Floors and PU screed. PU Comfort Floors are used in both domestic and commercial environments advantages being elasticity, additional cushioning (optional) and noise reduction. PU screed, on the other hand, is solely used in industrial environments because of its hard wearing properties.

PU Flooring is a better alternative than epoxy-based flooring solutions if you’re looking for a flooring system which has a degree of flexibility and if you require a colour fast floor that won’t be affected by direct sunlight.

Customers can benefit from:

  • Fast installation
  • Quality flooring systems at great prices
  • Industry expert service – years of experience

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PU Comfort Floors

Our Polyurethane Flooring

PU Comfort Floors

PU Comfort Floors

PU Comfort Floors, also known as cushioned floors are made up of layers of polyurethane to produce a seamless flooring solution.

The cushioned element of the floor is made up of around 2mm of either a rubber matt or a liquid poured cork, depending on the system. However, this layer is optional and can be omitted. It is very likely that before this system can be installed, you would need to install a scratch coat (epoxy and filler) in order to seal the screed or concrete sub-base.

The advantages of a PU Comfort Floor are elasticity/flexibility, added cushioning and noise reduction. What’s more, they are a very hygienic flooring solution which is relatively easy to clean and maintain.

You can find PU Comfort Floors used in a mixture of commercial and domestic environments, including offices, shops and hospitals for example.

PU Comfort Screed

PU Screed

Screed is another polyurethane flooring alternative. Different to PU Comfort Flooring solutions in that PU screed is most commonly used in commercial environments such as warehouses and the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

The benefit of a PU flooring solution is that it is capable of withstanding harsh wearing and is resistant to chemical loads or temperature variations. What’s more, PU screed can also be finished with a textured aggregate to offer an increased slip resistant flooring surface. However these floors use a class of polyurethane called aromatics, which are cost effective, but not colour fast in UV lights, so any areas exposed to direct sunlight, you must expect a yellowing effect over time.

What is Polyurethane flooring?

Polyurethane itself is a synthetic resin which combines a poly oil and isocyanate s. Polyurethane is an extremely versatile material which can be constructed for a number of uses including cushioning or furniture, mattresses and adhesives for examples.

Polyurethane flooring, also known as PU flooring, is used in both commercial and domestic environments. PU PU Comfort Floors are most commonly found in residential environments, whereas PU screeds are solely for industrial or factory flooring.

Polyurethane flooring has a good degree of flexibility, meanings it’s much less brittle in comparison to epoxy flooring solutions, yet still has extremely durable properties. 

Why buy a polyurethane flooring system?

When buying a polyurethane flooring system from Flexflooring, you can expect a number of benefits including:

  • An anti-slip surface that is both safe for children and the elderly, as well as commercial environments i.e hospitals and factories.
  • UV stability meaning the flooring is highly resistant to UV rays so will not change colour in the direct sunlight. (aliphatic PU’s only)
  • A hygienic surface solution that is suitable to both commercial and domestic environments, especially hospitals where hygiene has to be of the highest standards.
  • Reduced noise. Polyurethane flooring systems absorb a degree of noise meaning you can benefit from a reduction in sound. (cushioned / PU Comfort Floors only)
  • A more elastic material which will accommodate a certain amount of ground movement, unlike an epoxy .g.
  • A seamless flooring system which is aesthetically pleasing.

Other Polyurethane flooring systems!

Not only do we offer polyurethane flooring above, we also have vast experience in supplying and installing in resin drivewaysresin patiosswimming pool surroundswarehouse flooringplayground flooring and wet pour flooring systems, all of which is normally installed with polyurethane.

Why Buy Flex

Why buy from Flexflooring?

  • We have years of experience in installing an array of unique flooring solutions, including being specialists in polyurethane flooring.
  • We offer polyurethane supply and install across the country, and will only use skilled technicians to install your flooring system
  • We ensure our flooring systems do not comprise the safety of others
  • You can expect a high-quality finish with every install completed by Flexflooring; our experienced, skilled technicians go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction
  • Our floors are made from quality materials researched and sourced from the UK and across Europe.

Explore our case studies to see previous work we have completed using polyurethane.

Technical specification

PU Comfort Flooring can be distinguished by a number of factors, including:

  • Shore hardness
  • Tensile strength
  • Elongation at break
  • Tear strength
  • Impact sound insulation
  • Surface preparation

Polyurethane screeds can be distinguished by a number of factors, including:

  • Composition
  • Appearance
  • Durability
  • Thickness
  • Substrates
  • Surface preparation
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