microcement exampleMicroscreed or Microcement flooring is a decorative finish, giving you an industrial polished concrete effect. These floors are seamless and grout free making them easy to maintain. The applications of the finishing products, different sealers and the final sand offer several visually different finishes, both matt and satin.

As a natural mineral, these interiors give you a clean and hypoallergenic environment. Furthermore, if in time you wish to change the colour of your finish, it only needs sanding and applying a different coloured coat of the finishing product.

Our guide, ‘the cost of poured polished concrete per m2‘, provides a detailed explanation of the pros and cons of microcement (a cheaper alternative to polished concrete), the cost differences and where a Microcement would be most appropriate.


Characteristics and benefits; Seamless, industrial, choice of colours, easy to clean, satin or matte finishes

Typical uses; Any internal decorative space where you want an industrial look


This chic French product has been used on the continent extensively for many years, the French call it Beton Ciré, which translates to ‘waxed concrete’ but Solacir Interiors have enhanced this product further to create a Microscreed.

Microscreed is a natural mineral material, it is water, rather than chemical based and it combines cement with polymers to give a tough, but flexible surface.

A Solacir Interiors Microscreed can be applied to either interior, horizontal or vertical surfaces to produce beautiful artisan finishes on walls and floors, and even furniture. Each project is bespoke and unique in both colour and effect and its versatility allows you to create beautiful modern seamless design features to walls and floors.

Choosing a Microscreed colour could not be easier, there are 12 standard colours, but each of these can be adjusted by the pigment loading, so that the tone and intensity of colour can be matched to your needs.

The aspect can be gloss, satin or a matte finish and the trowelled nature of the product ensures that each floor has its own individual character.

Contemporary Microscreed flooring is far more suitable for use on commercial or high-end residential projects than a polished concrete floor due to its beauty and functionality.

A versatile surfacing it can create unique interior design features – CLICK HERE to see Solacir’s floor visualiser



Politura is a range of polymer modified micro cements that were created after years of research, development and experience of working with micro cements. The technology behind Politura is the most advanced in the market place in terms of durability and ease of application.


By combining the three grades of Politura – Medium, Fine and Ultra the there is a choice of four different finishes, Textured, Salt and Pepper, Smooth Polished and Smooth Linen

With  “Just Add Water” technology –  the polymers are already mixed into the powder so you just add water to the tub.

With its modern seamless tactile feel Politura creates the simple elegant Available in a wide range of neutral shades Politura is just as at home in an elegant loft as a country farm house.

Once sealed, Politura will continue to give the client an elegant seamless easily maintained floor for many years to come.

Seal with DIA SOL, a carbon based sealer which gives a HUGE IMPROVEMENT in wear resistance.  DIA SOL is also heat resistant and great for work tops.

Seal with Bi Sol an impregnating and densifying sealer with lithium silicate technology ro seal with Micro Sol for an ultra smooth, high chemical and UV resistance.



MatrickCement is a Microcement system developed by Matthew Bentley, an experienced installer who spent over ten years installing a multitude of different microcement products across Europe, for the major brands.

The Matrick cement system is put together from various suppliers around Europe to ensure more control over the finished look and a system that is designed to be laid easily over screed, concretes etc.

Given Matthew’s experience of the many components that make up a microcement system, he has been able to hand pick manufacturers across Europe to provide a system to rival the bigger brands, whats more, Matrickcement understand their product from the installers perspective.

Microcement W Finish1

Politura Range

Light Grey
Mid Grey
Traver Tine

Solacir range

Stone 5% + Protec Mat
Cognac 5% Protec Mat + Wax Mat
Teck 5% Protec Satin + Wax
Chocolat 5% Protec + Mat
Cotton 5% + Protec Satin
Caramel 5% Protec Mat + Wax Mat
Pearl 5% Protec Satin + Wax
Havanna 5% Protec Satin + Wax
Granite 5% + Protec Mat
Cannelle 5% Protec Satin + Wax
Graphite 5% Protec Mat + Wax Mat
Terra 5% Protec Acrylic + Wax
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