IMG_5938Our, resin bound stone floor surfacing – Stonex 1-3mm, is a smaller more compact aggregate that gives a smoother looking surface. It can be used both outdoors and indoors.

We strongly recommend that the product is pore filled, when used for an internal space. This involves filling the very small pores that exist in the surface with a clear grout, that makes the surface non porous and easier to maintain.

Stonex 1-3mm is made up of an aggregate, quartz or stone, coloured or natural, combined with a strong polyurethane resin to ensure you get a surface that lasts. Because of the aggregate size, this can be installed at less depth that Stonex 2-5mm.

Our range of Stonex surfaces is constantly growing, so please contact the office to discuss your needs or just get some samples.

Golden-Pea-1-3mm3There are many different types of natural and coloured aggregates on the market. Each aggregate has its own unique properties, such as hardness, skid resistance, abrasion value etc.

Coloured aggregate is coloured with various organic and/or inorganic pigments and is heat treated and coated with an epoxy or polyurethane system.

Depending on the selected pigments and/or resins, the quartz will be more or less sensitive to UV. For applications

that are exposed to direct UV light, we recommend that a PU-coloured system be used.

Flexflooring Ltd is an independent installer and not tied to any one manufacturer or supplier of these systems.

BinderFor external installations we would always advise a UV stable (aliphatic) polyurethane binder. Polyurethane binders can also be used indoors, and have a certain amount of flexibility that will allow for a small amount of movement in the sub base.

An alternative binder is an epoxy binder. These binders cure very hard which although means they are much harder than a polyurethane, also means that they will not cope with much, if any, movement in the sub base. Epoxy binders will also yellow over time when exposed to UV light.

Photo 22-05-2015 10 40 23In an indoor environment we would recommend that a Stonex 1-3mm floor is pore filled. When the floor is installed there will exist a number of tiny pores between the stones, where dirt and small debris can become lodged.

A pore filler can be forced into these pores. The picture shows a Stonex 1-3mm floor during the pore fill. The white grout material fills the pores and then cures clear, giving a closed pore finish. This will also make the surface easier to clean.

Natural Stone 1-3mm

Golden Pea
Golden Pea
Danish Quartz
Danish Quartz
Autumn Quartz
Autumn Quartz
Pearl Quartz
Pearl Quartz
Silver Spectrum Clear
Classic Spa
Classic Spa
LRS Golden Quartz
Golden Quartz

Coloured Stone 1-3mm

A selection of coloured quartz blends, sizes 1-2mm or 2-3mm, epoxy or polyurethane coated

Anthacite Grey 1 2 sc7036 uvp
Anthacite Grey
Winter White 2 3 SD 9026 UVP
Winter White
Silver Grey uvp s6500
Silver Grey
Grecian Grey UVP
Grecian Grey
French Beige UVP
French Beige
Gun Metal Grey 1 2 uvp
Gun Metal Grey
Midnight Black 2 3 S9230 UVP
Midnight Black
Roman Bronze UVP
Roman Bronze
Sahara Sand 2 3 S1006 UVP
Sahara Sand
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