Wet Pour Flooring

At Flexflooring we have a wealth of experience in installing wet pour flooring for a range of environments. We have been able to gain expert knowledge and experience in the application through our many years of installing and supplying wet pour flooring systems.

Wet pour floors are most commonly used in playgrounds, outdoor recreational and wet play environments such as pool surrounds and splashparks areas to create a child-friendly environment. We also offer a variety of designs that can be completely bespoke to you, suitable for your school, nursery or recreational outdoor area.

Customers can benefit from:

  • Fast installation
  • Quality flooring systems at great prices
  • Industry expert service – years of experience

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Our Wet Pour Flooring Materials

Rubbaflex SG

Rubbaflex® sg

Rubbaflex sg is a wet pour product consisting of larger 1-4mm EPDM* granules and a one-component aromatic polyurethane binder. (Non UV stable)

Rubbaflex sg is a suitable material for the construction of children’s adventure areas and playgrounds, golf path construction and occasionally splash parks.

As a result of the larger granule size, this material is more porous and installed at a greater depth than Rubbaflex fg.

What’s great about Rubbaflex sg is that it is available in a large array of colours which can be blended together seamlessly to create an infinite number of colour schemes. Therefore, you can benefit from a tailored, and bespoke flooring system which complements its environment and surroundings.

The main characteristics and benefits of Rubbaflex sg include: soft, colourful, porous, impact absorbent and seamless.

*EPDM = Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a synthetically manufactured rubber, formed in sheets and then cut into granules of varying sieve sizes.

Rubbaflex FG

Rubbaflex® fg

Rubbaflex fg is an alternative wet pour product to Rubbaflex sg. The material is made up of Gezoflex 0.5-1.5mm EPDM* granules and combined with a one-component aliphatic polyurethane binder. (UV stable)

Rubbaflex fg can be found in the construction of pool surrounds, splash parks and wet play environments. What’s more, the product can be used both internally and externally and vertically and horizontally.

Similar to Rubbaflex sg, the product is porous, however, it lends itself to a much finer blend which offers a smoother and more compressed surface for an aesthetically pleasing finish. Installed at only 6mm it is, in our opinion, much more hygienic in this environment than Rubbaflex sg as less contaminated water will sit in the surface.  Rubbaflex fg is also available in an array of colour which can be seamlessly blended together to create an infinite number of colour combinations. As result, customers can benefit from a completely unique and tailored wet pour flooring system.

The main characteristics and benefits of a Rubbaflex fg flooring system include soft, rubber-like, colourful, porous, compact, impact absorbent and seamless.

*EPDM = Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a synthetically manufactured rubber, formed in sheets and then cut into granules of varying sieve sizes.

Wet Flooring

What is Wet Pour Flooring?

Wet pour surfacing is defined as being a blended mix of rubber granules bound together with a polyurethane binder, and trowelled on site to form a seamless rubber surface.

The flooring system is also better known as an impact absorbing safety surface that is extremely popular in schools and nurseries as well as playgrounds and lidos. The child-safe flooring system can be installed to different depths to meet specific Critical Fall Heights. What’s more, we are happy to advise and work out the CFH required.

Why buy a Flexflooring wet pour flooring system?

Enjoy a number of benefit with a Flexflooring wet pour flooring system:

  • An infinite number of colour combinations and designs or graphics can be incorporated into the flooring system
  • High-quality EPDM imported from Switzerland.
  • Rubbaflex sg and Rubbaflex fg are a porous flooring material which is suitable for all-year-round
  • The average lifespan of a wet pour flooring system is approximately 10 years.
  • A compact an aesthetically pleasing surface.
  • Excellent UV and weather resistance (aliphatic binders only)
  • Long-term elasticity and consistent colour.
  • Durable and hard wearing materal.
Why Buy Flex

We don’t just do wet pour flooring systems!

What’s more, we don’t just offer wet pour flooring systems, we also have a wealth of expert experience in the supply and installation in resin drivewaysresin patiosswimming pool surroundsresin balconies and playground flooring! (Golf paths, splashparks, commercial)

Why Buy Flex 02

Why buy from Flexflooring?

  • We have years of valuable experience in wet pour rubber based flooring surfaces
  • We offer a supply and install service for wet pour flooring throughout the UK, using our expert team of skills technicians for every install we complete
  • We ensure all of our flooring installations does not comprise the safety of others
  • Our flooring systems are installed by an experienced and professional team of installers so you can expect a high-quality finish and a flooring solution that will last a lifetime
  • Our wet pour flooring systems are available in an array of colours also offering a tailored design within the flooring surface
  • Our floors are made from quality materials sourced from both UK and European suppliers

Browse through our case studies to see work we have completed using Rubbaflex sg and Rubbaflex fg.

Technical specification

Wet pour flooring systems have a tendency to cure quite rapidly after mixing, so it is necessary for the material to be within close distance to the area of installation for a quick transfer.

If the existing sub-base is hard i.e made from concrete, a wet pour rubber flooring solution can be installed over the top of the existing substrate. If the existing hard base isn’t sufficient, the existing base can be removed at an additional cost and the new surfacing can be laid into the well created on top of a suitable foundation.

In regards to coloured surfacing and in-laid colour features, some coloured rubbers are more sensitive to ultraviolet degradation than others. It is therefore important to check with your supplier the life expectancy of wet pour rubber floors of colours other than red and green. What’s more, the addition of in-laid colour features can make the installation more vulnerable to vandalism and future trip hazards.

In relation to maintenance, the removal of pollution should be the only necessary maintenance with a wet pour rubber floor. Simply using a power washer, or applying a washing detergent combined with water and brushing with a stiff broom to clean the floor surface will be sufficient to remove pollution.

In the case of moss forming on the surface, a moss killer should be applied with care due to being a possible hazard to children. Damage to the surface can arise due to burning or graffiti vandalism; If this is the case, Rubbaflex can be patched.

How much do our wet pour rubber flooring systems cost?

There are many factors which will impact the overall cost of the supply and installation of a wet pour flooring system. The most prominent factors impacting the cost, include:

  • The remedial work completed on the substrate prior to installation
  • Size of the installation area
  • Whether there is a requirement to install edging on the site
  • The layout of the installation area
  • Designs included in the flooring
  • Whether you chose a UV stable, or Non UV stable binder

You can find more information on the cost of our wet pour rubber flooring here.

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