Commercial Pool Surrounds

Seamless saftey

Flexflooring have completed a number of commercial and local authority pools over the years. Utilising our experience in this area we can advise on the most suitable product to create a colourful, seamless and safe surface in this environment. We recommend using a wet pour flooring solution which creates an attractive finish yet hygienic and slip-resistant surface.

Potentially a very harsh environment in terms of exposure to chemicals, such as chlorine, a high foot fall and body fats, it is important that you select the right product for the job.


Products we recommend

Stonex Sand – indoor pool product

Stonex sand is a very fine quartz combined with a non slip additive. It is non porous, so water can easily be moved around if necessary, seamless, no dirty grout joins and available in an infinite amount of colours, very popular with schools and commercial pools.

Rubbaflex fg

Our Rubbaflex fg product is extremely non slip and soft on foot, perfect for high foot traffic areas and very child friendly. Rubbaflex fg is available in a variety of different blends and colours.      

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