Stonex Epoxy Driveways

Epoxy driveways are an excellent choice, whether building a new driveway on your property or replacing an old, worn or damaged drive with a modern, low-maintenance alternative.

Flexflooring is an epoxy resin specialist with years of knowledge and skill, laying bespoke driveways and using outstanding quality aggregates and resin from our established network of trusted UK and European suppliers.

Fitting your new epoxy driveway with Flexflooring assures you of the following:

  • Obligation-free site visits and quotations to provide accurate pricing.
  • Efficient installations with your drive ready to use in just 24 hours.
  • Top-quality commercial materials and equipment from a highly experienced firm.
  • Professional service and fitting, with teams of capable driveway installers. 

Please call us on 01622 747909 if you’d like any information about epoxy driveways, wish to arrange a quotation, or require advice about the right driveway materials for your home.

You can also complete our enquiry form online, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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We don't just do epoxy driveways...

We also install resin patios, swimming pool surrounds, kitchen and living spaces with many product choices.

Our Epoxy Driveway Finishes

Epoxy resin has become the most popular driveway material, with endless configurations, colours and shades combined with impressive longevity. 

Resin has no seams, joins or bumps, is safe for any home, and provides an attractive surface finish as a decorative feature with practical benefits.

Flexflooring offers a broad array of aggregates, from natural stone to coloured pebbles and blended aggregates, each with different depths of shade. 

The design possibilities are almost unlimited, with metallics, natural stone, and even aggregates blended with high-shine or glitter compounds for a unique property curb appeal.

We can recommend aggregates based on your preferred colour scheme or advise on the best epoxy driveway materials if you wish to prioritise skid resistance or analyse variable hardness factors as a safety measure.

Epoxy driveways can be fitted straight over a base of concrete or asphalt, and we also provide professional preparatory work if the existing driveway surface is unstable, damaged or uneven.

All Flexflooring epoxy driveways are fitted with our preferred Derbyshire Aggregate base materials, using a UV-resistant binder to ensure your driveway will remain pristine, and with the same rich colour as the day we installed it.

Grey Resin Driveway

Benefits of Fitting an Epoxy Driveway

Epoxy is uniquely suited to any home, whether you have a period property and wish to replicate the appearance of gravel or slate or want a smooth, contemporary feel to offset a minimalistic or nordic-inspired home.

 Because you can pick and choose between hundreds of aggregates or even design a custom blend, your driveway is configured and finished to your exact specifications.

Other advantages of choosing an epoxy driveway for your property include:


epoxy is incredibly tough, lasts for years and requires very little maintenance.


The binder in your epoxy drive prevents loose stones and minimises skid hazards. Slip-resistant epoxy is also safer for smaller children and is often used on footpaths or wheelchair ramps for this reason.


We can lay an epoxy drive in any shape, pattern or formation you require, including patterned, striped and bespoke driveway designs.


Epoxy drives are perfect for homeowners who require an accessible drive without seams or bumps, and that is safe to navigate with a pushchair, wheelchair or mobility device.

Colour integrity

The UV-resistant treatment ensures that your drive stays bright and bold even after extensive exposure to direct sunlight.

Low maintenance

You simply need to brush or pressure wash your driveway from time to time for an as-new appearance – epoxy is very easy to care for.

Weed resistance

Epoxy, when properly laid, does not allow invasive species or weed roots to take hold, keeping your driveway clear of unwanted growth.


An epoxy driveway allows water to drain naturally, preventing surface water, dampness or puddles, and is compliant with surface water drainage regulations.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of epoxy is the style and aesthetic you achieve. Still, the installation process is also very fast and expedited compared to any other driveway material.

Once finished, your epoxy driveway will be ready for normal usage in as little as 24 hours.

Resin Bound
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Technical Epoxy Driveway Specs 

Epoxy is a superior alternative to a conventional driveway material such as block paving, and can be installed on a variety of sub-base materials and concrete – the ideal setting is a porous dense base macadam to 14 mm. However, we can organise an obligation-free site visit and advise whether your existing driveway is suitable.

Driveways fitted on a stable base meet Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) regulations and are rated for permeability, allowing water to drain normally into the water table. 

A professionally installed epoxy drive requires minimal maintenance, suppresses weed growth, and has no seams or gaps that can be vulnerable to cracking or present a trip hazard. The numerous possible aggregate blends are normally fitted to a depth of between 15 and 18 mm.

Why Choose Flexflooring for Your Epoxy Driveway?

Flexflooring is one of the most highly experienced resin driveway specialists, with a talented team that can assist with technical safety flooring design, decorative resin patterning and customised aggregate blends.

We work with clients nationwide, including residential, commercial, public and private sector customers. We only use our in-house team of qualified engineers and driveway fitters with appropriate skills in epoxy handling.

All our driveways are built with safety and performance in mind, and we guarantee a precise fit indoors and out, with your choice of texture, style and colour to provide a driveway that matches your exact requirements.

Flexflooring uses only exceptional quality raw materials sourced from our trusted supplier network. You can review some of our previous work through our Case Studies page (or as inspiration for your driveway design!).

Costs of an Epoxy Driveway 

It is difficult to provide an average cost for an epoxy drive because this depends on multiple variables and the requirements for your driveway.

If you would like a quote from our friendly team, please give us a call or fill in our enquiry form, and we will run through some of the important details, such as: 

  • Preparatory work required.
  • The size of the driveway.
  • Any patterns or shapes needed.
  • The condition of the sub-base.
  • Aggregate sizes and colours.
  • Location of the property. 

Once we have a better idea about the nature of your driveway project, we will be happy to provide a pressure-free quotation or price estimate for you to review at your convenience. You can read more about the cost of a epoxy resin driveway here. 

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