Resin Bound Stone Flooring for gravel resin bound drives, showrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories and offices.

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At Flexflooring we consider ourselves experts when it comes to Resin example of external resin flooringBound Stone flooring, especially resin bound driveways. Aesthetically pleasing and hard wearing, Stonex creates a seamless, safe and attractive surface which will totally transform any area.

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A great alternative to our rubber floors, Stonex resin flooring is the ideal surfacing for high traffic areas in both domestic and commercial settings, indoors and outside and within both wet and dry environments.

resin driveways exampleStonex resin bound gravel is especially popular for use in resin driveways. The range includes quartz carpets, marble carpets and natural stone aggregates encapsulated with specialised light stable resins resulting in  smooth and compressed resin surfaces that can be used both externally around pools, for pathways and resin drives and internally for kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories, showrooms and offices.

Stonex self-binding gravel is a popular choice externally as a resin bound surfacing. The resin bound gravel driveways cost is highly favourable to other alternatives, when future maintenance costs are factored in. Stonex stone carpet is so versatile it can even be trowelled vertically, giving additional options such as skirting to compliment the finished surface.resin surfaces laid as a driveway

Logos, motifs, figures and safety lettering can be easily incorporated and we can even offer Stonex with both a porous and non-porous finish depending on the installations requirements.

Please contact us if you are interested in quartz carpets, stone carpets, internal resin floors, driveways or any resin bound stone product.

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The Advantages of Stonex from Flexflooring:

Beyond the attractive finish there are many reasons to install Stonex stone flooring from Flexflooring:

  • A durable, hard wearing, long lasting, low maintenance surface
  • It is seamless & flexible
  • It can bring tired surfaces to life
  • Colour fast and UV stable
  • The UV stable resin bound surface encapsulates and protects the aggregate in a resin coating, so the colour of your surface is not degraded by UV light
  • Slip resistance of 30.8 (wet) and 100.8 (dry). According to the SRT testing method
  • Easy to clean with a power washer
  • Resists chemicals and repels weeds
  • Stonex can level out uneven surfaces and is suitable for covering concrete and asphalt.
  • Stonex is suitable for refurbishments or new installations, both indoor and outdoor, within either wet or dry environments
  • There is the option for both porous and non porous (internal) finishes
  • SUDS compliant (Sustainable Urban Drainage System)
  • Design work including logos, motifs and lettering can be easily incorporated.
  • For internal installations, various additional finishes, such as matte, gloss and sparkle, are also available (depending on aggregate selected).  Please call for further details on quartz carpet, stone driveways, stone floors or other resin bound stone products.

It’s not just driveways!

We don’t just do driveways, we’re experts in resin patios, swimming pool surrounds, resin paths and resin balconies.

Please contact the office on 01622 747909 for a quote and more information on our range of products!

What are the advantages of resin bound gravel surfacing?

Firstly, it's a seamless surface, that has all the aesthetic qualities of a traditional loose aggregate driveway, without the headaches. It is laid on concrete or asphalt.

Secondly, it is extremely ecomomical as a choice for external paving/surfacing, paths, floors and drives. It's low maintenance, chemical resistant and UV stability, means it needs very little care other than cleaning.

Thirdly, it's extremely versatile. Externally, it's great in driveways, replicating the look of loose chipping surfacing, and available in a huge range of colour finishes. Internally, with smaller size coloured aggregate, and a polished finish, it becomes an extremely hard wearing floor surface that is ideally suited to a wide range of situations from kitchens & bathrooms through to commercial showrooms, restaurants and more.

How easy is it to install resin flooring?

While our experienced installation teams are quick & tidy, resin flooring  is a wet poured material which requires skilled and experienced operatives, so the quality fof finish is dependent on the skill & experience of the installers. Thankfully, our in house teams are highly trained & experienced and work with this material every day (This is our speciality - we don't do block paving or Tarmac drives like other companies).
As with many things, the key to a successful project is in the preparation. Take a look at this video , to get an idea of the complete process.

Are Resin bonded driveways the same as resin bound?

No. With bonded systems, liquid resin is applied to the base, then stone aggregate is scattered into the surface , and any excess is brushed off once dry. Consequently bonded surfacing is not water permeable, it's a much rougher surface, and potentially stones can become loose.

With bound resin surfaces, the stone is completely encapsulated in resin, unlike bonded systems. Once every particle is completely covered, we lay it to a depth of between 12mm -24mm.

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