Micro Concrete Flooring

Flexflooring has many years of experience installing micro concrete flooring for both commercial and domestic uses. Micro concrete is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional flooring, particularly in a domestic environment as it gives a very distinct appearance. The microconcrete flooring system is perfect for any unique, contemporary space and gives a very modern yet industrial finish – perfect for living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

We offer

  • A quality, seamless finish – our micro concrete installers have developed the perfect system to install floors to a very high quality.
  • Over 12 years of experience – Our microcement installer Matthew Bently has had 10 years of experience laying micro concrete floors for a number of recognised brands across Europe.

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Our micro concrete applications

Microcement Bathrooms

For Bathrooms

Micro concrete can be applied to bathrooms as it offers a sealed, water resistant finish. Perfect for the modern bathroom look.

Microcement Kitchens

For Kitchens

Microcements is a very popular choice for kitchens. Each micro concrete floor has its own unique finish, more of an industrial look and a very forgiving floor in terms of keeping clean.

Microcement Living Areas

For Living Areas

Flexflooring have installed micro concrete in many different areas of domestic living, we are sure we can find a surface that suits you, whether contemporary or traditional looking, there is plenty of choice.

Microcement Commercial

For Commercial Areas

Micro concrete can be laid on commercial areas such as restaurant flooring or shop flooring, helping you to stand out against the competition.


What is micro concrete? 

Micro concrete, otherwise known as microscreed or microcement, is a modified polymer created with fine natural cement-based materials. It is generally laid on top of an elastic mortar layer. When laid on the ground, it gives an impressive industrial concrete effect with a highly decorative finish. The versatile material can also be applied to walls and stairs to complete the modern flooring look.

It would not go amiss on any internal decorative space, dance hall, events hall, corporate suites, even artist studios, anywhere you want to indulge in that industrial modern and contemporary look. Micro concrete is very thinly applied, usually only resulting in a total depth of around 2-3mm. (including elastic mortar) It can be laid on a variety of surfaces due to its strong bonding power. It is seamless in its appearance and is entirely grout-free making micro content much easier to maintain as there are no cracks, groove, lumps or bumps to work over.

There are options in regard to the final style, where you have a choice of different finishes such as the shiny satin look or a matte finish if you prefer. These different finishes are created by the use of alternative applications after the micro cement is poured. The choice of sealer and the final sand chosen will create a slightly different effect. In this way micro concrete offers a great advantage over polished concrete.

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Looking for a quote? Fill out our quote form and we’ll get in touch with a no-obligation quote.

How much does micro concrete cost? 

Micro cement is a cheaper alternative to polished concrete. When we book a no-obligation appointment to examine your current surface, we will produce a detailed analysis as there are many different factors to consider when laying a floor which can affect the cost of your new micro concrete flooring. However, generally speaking, micro concrete can cost somewhere between £80 to £120 per square meter. The factors that can affect the cost include:

  • The size of the area needed to be covered – the larger the area, the smaller the per metre square cost.t
  • Quality of the underlying substrate – if the substrate is not in a great condition, maybe it has f cracks and lumps and bumps, this will increase the time taken to prepare and therefore the final cost. 
  • What kind of surface preparation is needed – obviously the more work that needs to be done, the more expensive it will be. For the best finish, microcement needs to be installed on a very smooth flat surface (think billiard table)
  • Choice of sealer
Micro Concrete Cost
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