Resin bound surfacing is a very versatile product and lends itself to a wide variety of uses.

Driveways: Growing in popularity, resin bound driveways offer a lot of advantages over block paving, tarmac etc, including low maintenance, great looks, and being environmentally friendly.

Pool Surrounds: Anti slip properties can be incorporated making it the ideal surface for decorative pool surrounds and other wet areas.

Showrooms: From retail showrooms through to automotive showrooms, resin surfacing is a growing choice, thanks to it’s versatility and the wide range of colours and surface finishes .

Kitchens: Increasing in popularity as a commercial or industrial kitchen floor finish, it is hard wearing, chemical resistant and gives a great modern look.

Restaurants : High traffic areas such as restaurants are well suited for resin flooring, and offer a low maintenance alternative to other surface finishes.

Offices: As with restaurants, resin flooring is well suited to office buildings, and can be applied quickly to concrete or screed floors and is ready for foot traffic within 24 hours of installation.

There are endless uses for resin surfacing -it has can even be applied vertically to walls!

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