How much does epoxy flooring cost in the UK?

Epoxy Resin

As each project has unique considerations and factors to take into account, it’s hard to quote an exact cost per square metre for epoxy flooring. In general, though, projects would cost, from, around £20/m2 for an epoxy coating, up to £150 p/m2 for a metallic epoxy with some build up. What is epoxy flooring? Epoxy […]

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How much does a resin driveway cost per m2?

resin driveway costs explained

Resin bound driveways offer a permeable, durable, smooth and easily maintained, surface that facilitates and helps drain water efficiently. These properties, in addition to its fantastic aesthetic appeal, make resin bound surfacing one of the most popular choices for driveways today. But how much do resin driveways cost? It is difficult to quote a cost […]

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Low Maintenance Driveway Ideas

Resin Driveways

A low-maintenance driveway is the ideal; you have a secure, safe, non-slip place to park and keep your car overnight, without the endless de-weeding, re-grouting and replacing worn concrete or edging strips every year. Today we’ll look at a range of the most popular low-maintenance options and those driveway materials that – if fitted professionally […]

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What is Microcement?

What is Microcement

Updated: March 2023 Microcement, also known as micro-screed or micro-concrete, is a polymer modified cement-based coating which can be applied thinly to walls, stairs and floors in domestic and commercial environments. As a result of strong bonding power, microcement can be applied to almost any surface including wood and tiles, and existing concrete flooring surfaces. […]

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