If you’re looking to have a microcement flooring solution installed in a domestic or commercial environment, there are a number of factors that are unique to each flooring system that is worth taking into consideration. These unique elements make it difficult to quote a uniform cost per square metre for microcement. In general, the price tends to be between £80 and £120 per square metre in the UK depending on various factors.

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What is microcement flooring?

how much does microcement costMicrocement floors also referred to as Micro-screed, provides an alternative to a polished concrete flooring solution. As the name suggests, microcement uses a thin layer of a polymer-modified cement, normally on an elastic mortar layer, giving a total depth of approximately 2-3mm.

Microcement floors have become an increasingly popular material for individuals looking to achieve a concrete aesthetic where it would not normally be possible. Microcement is an ideal material for individuals looking to achieve a contemporary, industrial interior within a home or business. The material offers a completely seamless and grout-free appearance which is highly desirable and attractive.

Customers are also able to achieve a professional and contemporary look that is unique to them by specifying the finishing product and sealer type.  The other benefit of microcement is that it can be used for an array of purposes including floors,  walls and even furniture, also in a number of environments including the home, lofts, business premises, retail shops, clubs and restaurants, bathrooms and wet rooms.

What influences microcement flooring cost?

There are a number of unique factors which will determine the cost your microcement flooring installation, these include:

  • The size of the area/project
  • Quality of the substrate
  • Surface preparation
  • Choice of sealer
  • Brand of microcement

Microcement flooring cost factors and FAQs explained:

What is the size of the area/project?

As is the case with most flooring installations, the cost of microcement will be significantly less per metre squared if the surface area of your project is larger. Therefore, customers looking to cover a small surface area can expect to pay more per metre squared.  The product generally takes four days to install whether it is 100m2 or 10m2.

On average, the cost of microcement per metre squared is around £100 + VAT. To get a more accurate cost, please get in touch using our contact form with a photo of your surface area and rough dimensions; we can provide you with a free no-obligation quote.

What is the quality of the substrate?

The quality of your existing substrate will largely impact the overall cost of installing a microcement flooring solution. Your substrate needs to be in good condition, level with no signs of cracks. If it appears that your substrate is damaged, it is likely that it will need remedial work which will increase the cost of your project. If you’re unsure whether your substrate is suitable, please get in touch and we will be happy to inspect before we agree to install a microcement flooring solution.

What surface preparation is required?

Surface preparation is the initial stage of installing your microcement flooring. Firstly, the substrate needs to be washed and cleaned, removing any signs of dust, gravel or dirt. In order to install Microcement and get the desired finish, it is of utmost importance that there is a very flat sub-base, so on occasions, a cheaper levelling compound may need to be installed first. If going over cement board, often found in raised access floors, time must be spent taping the joints and treating with epoxy before the Microcement install can start.

What is your choice of sealer?

Generally there are two options on the final seal coat, Either a water-based matt polyurethane or a water-based satin polyurethane. In wet rooms or bathrooms, it may be necessary to use a stronger solvent polyurethane sealer.

What brand of Microcement would you like?

There are many different brands of Microcement on the market, most emanating from Europe. Spain, for example, is a big producer of microcement. Installers will have their favourites, products that they are used to installing, but be aware that the finished can vary from brand to brand.

How will cost of install impact the overall cost?

When you’re planning to embark on a flooring renovation for both domestic and commercial projects it is wise to research into both the flooring solution that is most suitable to your environment and the range of installers offering to install your flooring solution. There are many installers promoting a wealth of experience and professionalism, however, more often than not it is worth doing a background check on the company. We would always recommend that you use a professional installer that is well established and has a wealth of experience installing the flooring solution you desire. The level of experience the installer has will largely impact the overall finish and quality of your micro cement floor.

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