Providing accurate costs for poured resin flooring is challenging because so many variables are at play. As an indication, we might expect to quote anywhere from £20 per square metre for a poured resin floor up to around £150 per square metre for deeper-density metallic resin.

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Poured resin is a high-grade, durable and attractive flooring system comprising layers of thin, perfectly level epoxy, creating a surface that is impervious to almost all temperature, chemical and moisture variations.

Our skilled, friendly resin flooring teams work with a range of clients and in different environments to design bespoke poured resin flooring that is up to the task at hand.

For example, a protective commercial resin floor might include hardeners and resin coatings that create a floor of unparalleled rigidity and strength that is smooth, seamless, and even – and will remain in excellent conditions for years to come.

Factors in the Cost of a Poured Resin Floor

The reason it is tricky to offer precise costings per square metre is that these rely on multiple deviations and factors, such as:

  • Flooring dimensions and surface area
  • Your location and distance from our depots
  • Preparatory works required to ensure the sub-base is stable
  • Sealers, coatings and varnishes preferred
  • The density of resin and necessary build-up layers
  • Epoxy types and specifications
  • Your finished design requirements and colours
  • Total installation time and costs

Flexflooring will be happy to work through these elements and provide an indicative price estimate or a confirmed quotation following a no-obligation site visit to help our expert resin installers better understand the project you have in mind.

Please get in touch or use our convenient online enquiry form if you’d like one of our professional team to make contact to discuss.

Poured Resin Flooring Cost Factors Explained

Next, we clarify some of the aspects mentioned in our above list to help you get a good idea of the cost of a newly poured resin floor and some of the cost factors built into every quotation.

Flooring Area Size

Like most flooring systems, the larger the room, space or area, the more time, labour, material and planning we need to contribute to producing a flawless poured resin floor.

Some parts of an installation are based on stable pricing, but the room’s dimensions are a core cost driver. However, larger spaces can benefit from economies of scale and achieve a lower price per square metre than would be possible for a smaller room.

Your Property Location

Flexflooring deploys installation teams and flooring consultants across the UK from our central hub in Kent. We are familiar with nationwide flooring projects, but travel that includes overnight or out-of-hours site visits may incur additional costs.

Condition of the Flooring Sub-Base

Many flooring firms fail to appreciate the crucial importance of a sub-base inspection prior to fitting a poured resin floor. Faults, cracks, breaks or flaws can be disastrous to your expected finish, so we strongly advise a pre-installation consultation.

Fitting poured resin over unstable or uneven base materials can cause the outcome to be substandard, beneath the exacting quality expectations we set for ourselves.

Resin Flooring Sealants

There are multiple varnishes, top coats and sealants, each with varying benefits, applications and outcomes in terms of the performance of your poured resin floor.

We prefer to discuss your project in detail to recommend the best epoxy flooring coatings to preserve colour integrity, and ensure your floor is suitably non-slip or water-resistant to exceed your requirements.

Poured Resin Density

Some floors require much higher volumes of poured resin than others, called build-up. That means we might recommend a filler to control your project costs and make up a short sizing differential of a few millimetres to achieve a perfectly level floor.

Deeper filler requirements, or where you need a self-levelling screed as a base coat ahead of the poured resin, can be more expensive – but transform an uneven and unstable floor into a perfectly level finish with a durable upper layer.

Poured Resin Material Types

Generally, Flexflooring opts to use 100% solid-based epoxy over water-based epoxy. Water-based resin may be a lower-cost material, but the benefits of solid-based epoxy are compelling because it can last significantly longer and provide a range of performance advantages.

As a long-term investment in a structurally sound, robust flooring system, solid-based poured resin provides:

  • Coverage for floorage flaws or imperfections
  • Appropriate thickness to cope with heavy traffic
  • Commercial-grade durability and longevity
  • Outstanding performance, sealed with professional bonding agents

Water-based epoxy is a thinner poured resin floor and is quicker to apply but results in a less durable flooring solution.

However, depending on your requirements and preferences, there are some beneficial outcomes, including:

  • A lower installation cost than solid-based resin
  • Thinner flooring surfaces that perform like a sealant
  • Lower durability and wear protection – there is a potential for ongoing maintenance
  • The possibility of applying water-based resin as a DIY project

There isn’t a right or wrong answer, and Flexflooring will be happy to explain the pros and cons, costs vs benefits and performance attributes that make one poured resin floor system more preferable to the other, depending on your intended application.

Poured Resin Flooring Designs

Like many advanced flooring solutions, poured resin can conform to almost any colour scheme, shade, hue or tone you would like to achieve.

Flexflooring offers metallic additives that can add interest, style and drama to any high-quality resin flooring system.

Our Poured Resin Installation Services

Flexflooring has decades of experience, professional knowledge and skill in applying poured resin flooring across a vast array of property types, room spaces and locations, with independent recommendations about the right options for your home or premises.

Every flooring project is completed by our talented engineers, with fully qualified teams operating across the UK and providing outstanding service, work quality guarantees and appropriate insurance coverage.

Please get in touch at any time via phone or our online contact form to discuss the specifics of the poured resin floor you have in mind or to schedule a site visit and no-obligation quotation.

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