Although longevity will vary according to the products used and the quality of the application as well as the use and the expected foot traffic/wear and tear of the space in question, most epoxy floor installations can be expected to last for between 10 and 20 years. What’s more, thanks to its stain-resistant and durable qualities, your epoxy floor should retain its strength, colour, and finish throughout the timeframe.

Epoxy floors are durable and stain resistant meaning that in even the most demanding industrial or commercial setting, you can expect your epoxy floor to last for up to ten years.

Does epoxy floor last longer than painted concrete?

Although concrete can last as long as 100 years, compared to epoxy flooring’s lifespan of up to twenty years, that does not tell the whole story.

Epoxy flooring will retain the quality of its finish far longer than painted concrete, which has a tendency to chip and wear quickly – particularly in busy areas that experience a lot of footfall or heavy vehicles and equipment, for example.

Consider your priorities before installation; if the quality of your flooring is in any way important to your project, then it is likely that you will need to replace painted concrete far earlier than epoxy flooring.

Does epoxy floor last longer than tiled floors?

In theory, tile floors and epoxy flooring have very similar lifespans. A well-maintained tile floor should last twenty years, whereas epoxy flooring usually lasts between ten and twenty years. However, this is very dependent on the use of your space, and how important the quality of your finish is to you.

Epoxy floors are far stronger and easier to maintain than tile floors, as well as being stain and water resistant. This means that in any setting with heavy footfall or where the floor is likely to come into contact with staining substances including dyes, inks and oils, epoxy flooring will retain the quality of its finish far longer than tiling, without any cracks or stains that come with use.

Tile vs epoxy flooring

Factors that impact the lifespan of epoxy floors

Like all flooring, how long your epoxy floor will last depends on a number of factors, including what it is used for. The following are each factors in calculating how long your floor will last:

The quality of the installation and products

Epoxy flooring should be professionally installed, and the concrete substrate prepared properly by experts. Any imperfections in the concrete and the presence of substances such as oils that have not been removed and cleaned effectively will negatively impact the life of your epoxy floor. Additionally, a high quality topcoat and resin will last longer than cheaper options.

Floor usage

The level of impact that your flooring experiences will have an impact on its longevity. Higher footfall and more regular use coupled with heavy machinery or vehicles will reduce how long you can expect your flooring to last. However, epoxy is a highly durable flooring and is designed specifically for this kind of environment, meaning that you can still expect it to last up to ten years.

Exposure to light

Epoxy flooring has poor resistance to UV light, making it most suitable for usage indoors. Regular and persistent exposure to natural light will negatively impact the lifespan of your flooring. However, this can be significantly mitigated with a UV resistant polyurethane top coat.

How to ensure your epoxy floor lasts longer

The best way to ensure your flooring lasts as long as possible is to make the most of professional guidance and installation.The biggest factors in ensuring longevity include well-undertaken installation, and the most appropriate products and topcoats selected.

At Flex Flooring, we are well placed to advise you on how to ensure your floor lasts as long as possible, taking into account how it will be used and where it will be placed.

Other ways to increase the lifespan of your epoxy floor include:

  • Quality installation – get in touch with Flexflooring for an experienced installer!
  • Regular maintenance
  • Reapplying your topcoat following wear and tear

In summary

Epoxy flooring can last up to twenty years but, as we have seen, this can be heavily dependent on how it is installed, the quality of the products selected and how the flooring is used. One of the biggest advantages of epoxy flooring is how durable and low maintenance it is, which results in a look and feel that is “good as new” for longer than many other options from tiling to painted concrete.

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