Updated: February 2024

Wet pour flooring or ‘rubber crumb’ solutions offer a safe environment for children in schools, nurseries and outdoor recreational areas. It is difficult to provide an exact cost for wet poor flooring systems because each project is unique.

There are a number of factors which need to be taken into consideration when quoting for projects whether that be for commercial or domestic environments. Generally speaking, wet pour flooring costs  around £60 per m2 + VAT, Black Rubbaflex sg will vary from around £45psm up to around £80psm depending on the required depth but is usually installed with a Non UV stable binder.

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We specialise in supplying and installing wet pour rubber flooring using Rubbaflex sg and Rubbaflex fg materials. These materials are porous and offer a soft and impact-absorbent surface. The aesthetic appeal combined with the safety benefits of wet pour flooring make them a popular flooring solution for children’s adventure play areas, golf pathways, splash parks, swimming pool surrounds and schools and nurseries where accidents are common. But how much does wet pour cost?

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The cost of wet pour flooring will depend on a number of factors, these include:
• The size of the installation area.
• The depth of the Rubbaflex required.
• The choice of polyurethane binders (normally UV stable with Rubbaflex fg and Non UV stable with Rubbaflex sg).
• The remedial work to be completed on the substrate prior to installation (if necessary).
• Whether there is a requirement to install edging on the site.
• The layout of the installation area.
• Whether a design is to be included in the flooring and the number of different colours.

Wet pour flooring cost factors explained:

The size of the installation area

Generally speaking, the larger the surface area the smaller the cost per square metre and conversely, the smaller the surface area the increased cost per square metre.

The depth of the Rubbaflex required

Rubbaflex fg is normally installed at 6mm. However, Rubbaflex sg can be installed at 15mm (onto concrete or asphalt), 40mm onto compact stone or deeper if the area is a playground with play equipment over a certain height.

The choice of the binder

There are two types of binder predominantly used in the wet pour industry. The most common, used with Rubbaflex sg is called an aromatic polyurethane. This is not UV stable and can cause colours to yellow over time, however, it is much cheaper than the aliphatic binder, which is UV stable.

Does remedial work need to be carried out before installation?

If remedial work needs to be completed on your substrate before installation this will certainly increase the cost of the work to be completed. Remedial work will need to be done if the existing surface is not level, has cracks or is unsuitable for a wet pour floor installation.

We are happy to inspect the area and encourage customers to provide detailed images of the surface area so we’re able to provide sufficient advice on whether your substrate is suitable or not.

Do you require edging to be installed around the area?

It is advised that the surface area should have a retaining edge to the perimeter, preferably a pre-cast kerb, brick, timber or something similar. If a retaining edge isn’t already existing, we’re happy to install edging for an additional cost.

If you’re unsure whether you need edging installed or not, please provide detailed images of your surface area or we will be happy to inspect the area to provide an accurate quote.

The layout of the installation area

If the layout of your surface area is complicated, or a quirky space this may increase the cost of installation, especially if the area creates difficulties for access and installation.

We are happy to inspect the area and encourage customers to provide detailed images of the surface area so we can advise on whether the layout of the space will impact the overall cost.

Are you looking to include a design within your wet pour rubber flooring?

Costs for installation are also likely to increase if you’re looking to include an intricate design feature within your flooring surface as seen in our work completed for Barking Splash Park. This might be the case for children’s playgrounds, schools or nurseries where colour and designs are used to stimulate the mind. However, the extra addition of colour blends and incorporating designs is likely to incur further costs than just a standard installation.

Explore our case studies to see how we have installed wet pour rubber flooring in playgrounds, golf clubs, and lidos.

Selecting your supplier

We recommend doing carrying out research before you select your supplier. We advise:

  • Asking for references of recent installations and those over three years old for you to inspect.
  • Checking the financial status of the supplier. Regrettably, a number of firms offering very competitive prices in recent years, have failed to survive, taking your guarantee with them.
  • Request an Independent Consultants Test Report, for the specific product and thickness(es) offered. Expect a minimum of two years guarantee, not only for wear and tear, materials and workmanship but that the installation will still perform within British Standards criteria.
  • Check to see that the supplier has made provision for securing the installation until it is fit to walk and play on and accepts liability to that time.

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