Resin flooring offers a tough and durable flooring surface, which is well suited to a wide range of applications from warehouse flooring to commercial environments and domestic properties. Is it difficult to give an exact resin flooring cost as there are many factors to consider, such as whether you require some build up or a coating and what preparation work is required, for this reason, it could be anywhere between £20 and £130 per m2. We’ve put a guide together so you understand the costs involved, and what factors affect the cost of resin flooring.

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The cost of resin flooring will depend on a number of factors, these include:

  • The size of the area
  • Required properties
  • The condition of the substrate
  • Any build up requirement
  • The application
  • The substrate
  • The quality of product
  • The layout of installation area

Resin Flooring Cost Factors Explained

What is the size of the area?

On most occasions you’ll find that resin flooring has a fixed cost element, this can make small surface areas more expensive than anticipated. On the other hand, a larger surface area will lead to lower cost per m2 as the area allows for increased efficiencies and economies of scale. Thus, you can expect the rate to decrease as the area increases and conversely the rate to increase as the area decreases.

What are the required properties of the floorer?

Resin flooring comes in many different forms, from very tough industrial floors to high end domestic or commercial PU Comfort Floors. Some properties you might want to consider:

  • Is it resistant to abrasion? The resistant abrasion properties mean heavy traffic loads and heavy impact activities do not damage the resin flooring.
  • Is it resistant to chemicals and hazardous substances? Unlike most flooring solutions, some resin flooring is resistant to chemicals and hazardous substances.
  • Levels of safety. Resin flooring can include an anti-slip media that will greatly increase the slip resistance of the floor.
  • Is it Hygienic? Resin flooring can have a sealing layer which is stain resistant meaning that anything that falls on the flooring surface can be wiped off easily.
  • Is it aesthetically pleasing to the eye? Resin flooring is not only a popular choice for factory and warehouse environments but also home interior because of the seamless, sleek and professional finish that is achieved with resin flooring, such as PU Comfort Floors.
  • High levels of durability and toughness. Resin flooring is manufactured by chemically bonding two chemicals together which can create a stronger bond than concrete. As a result, you can expect a durable and tough flooring solution that is resistant to breakage and damage and has greater longevity.

What is the condition of your substrate?

The substrate is the underlying substance or layer which your resin flooring will be applied on top of. If the quality of your substrate is poor, it is more than likely that the substrate will need remedial work before a resin flooring can be applied. If there is a lot of work required to the substrate you can expect the costs to be much higher.

Do you require some build up?

Resins can be applied as coatings and in this form is only microns thick. However, if the substrate is rough, you may need to add fillers to the resin to build the level up by typically 3 or 4 mm.

What quality of resin flooring are you looking for?

The quality of resin flooring costs can differ from one system to another in terms of durability, chemical resistance, heat resistance, viscosity and deterioration from UV light. As you can expect, the higher performing flooring system will increase the cost of resin flooring.

What is the layout of the installation area?

Some flooring areas will have awkward layouts with difficult points of access to apply a smooth and seamless finish to the resin flooring. The layout of the area will need to be inspected to make sure we can deliver a high level of installation. One large area is a lot easier to install than lots of smaller areas.

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