Thinking of purchasing a new driveway? One of the most searched for questions amongst prospective driveway purchasers is ‘how much value will a driveway add.’ Most people would think that this is in reference to the value added to your home, however, the value of a driveway extends beyond this. We’ve looked at the main benefits of a driveway if you’re considering:

  • Investing in a new driveway
  • Expanding your current driveway. 
  • Deciding between a house with a driveway and without

Off street parking in busy locations

We’ve all faced the parking nightmare of trying to locate and maintain the closest parking spot to our door with those heavy Tesco bags, or kids to get into the house or after a long tiring day. This seems to be even trickier in densely populated areas and cities. 

Off street parking is a dream situation. Imagine turning into your street with no worries about parking, pulling up right outside your house with no thought about bundling kids and all their things, or hurting your back with the weight of that extra milk in your shopping. You get out of your car onto a smooth, clean driveway, and you’re home, you just don’t need to worry. That‘s the value a driveway adds to your day to day. Click here to read more about driveway options.

It’s also something that any prospective buyer will be looking for, and it’s a particular asset in highly populated areas because of the convenience, but also the money you stand to save on parking. 


The ability to park multiple cars

If a driveway is a big pro, then a double driveway is an even bigger pro! Being able to park multiple cars with ease is desirable. Professional couples or families more often than not will have two cars so it’s important that you bear this in mind. Parking two cars is not easy, which means offering that opportunity is enormously valuable. 


Monetary Value

Without a doubt, adding or refurbishing a driveway for your home adds value to your property, because of the very aesthetic and convenience you’ll enjoy throughout your duration there. Estimates based on recent results show that a driveway can add between 5 and 13% value to your property. What’s more, in many cases, buyers won’t consider a house without a driveway or parking, which means a driveway gets you in the right column for every search filter there. 

It’s worth noting a driveway can be an off-putting feature if it has poor drainage, if it’s a particularly ugly driveway (especially one that impacts the aesthetic of the street or area), or if it needs extensive repair. If you might fit into this category, you should definitely consider doing a little work as an easy way to make your disadvantage into a big selling point, particularly given that there are many affordable options for driveways that add value to the property. 

The value of your driveway is often dictated by the material used. At a reasonable installation cost, one of the most aesthetic, hard wearing and best options are paved driveways. Paved driveways come with a diverse choice of paving colours, materials and patterns and offer the opportunity to create a personalised feature that raises the look of the property immediately. However, a resin driveway will take the appearance and longevity of your driveway to the next level. Read more about the cost of resin bound gravel driveways.



A driveway offers the opportunity to put a personal touch on your outdoor space. You have a choice of size, shape, material, colour and finish and you can choose whatever fits your aesthetic the best, no matter what the style of your home. A smart driveway will add a clean and polished finish to the outside of your property. 

If you’re more concerned about the practicality,  a good driveway does so much for your clean, sleek look. Firstly, a well laid surface directs drainage, meaning you don’t need to worry about puddles, flooding or surface water. Secondly, that beautiful smooth finish elevates any space with a classy finish. 

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