Resin bound paving is an advanced driveway option that allows you to achieve that pebble effect without the usual drawbacks of actual pebble. The porous nature of the driveway ensures water can drain through, but with an immaculate, UV protected finish that is easy to maintain and remains pristine for years.

If you’re looking to resurface, pebble resin driveways may be the optimal solution, with the drainage and classic appearance of loose gravel, but the convenience and durability of block paving!

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Pebble resin driveway designs

Flexflooring provides a substantial range of pebble blends and colours, allowing you to choose from a rainbow array of styles and shades, from the subtle to the standout.

This versatility makes pebble resin drives suitable for both heritage to contemporary properties.

One of the appeals of a pebble effect driveway is that you have the freedom to select blends to your taste or can combine colours to produce stripes, lines, swirls and shapes to add interest to larger driveway areas.

Our pebble resin driveway blends

Let’s take a look at some of our most popular blends for pebble resin driveways:

Acadia – a sophisticated pebble effect with flashes of pebble colour created by black accent tones.

Brindle – a mesmerising blend of coppery, rich tones that gives an overall deep tortoiseshell feel with complex colour combinations.

Champagne Pink – a fizzy favourite, with pops of soft, rose pink, buttery creams and sharp whites for an elegant driveway with a modern twist.

Gunmetal Grey – a bold, deep and moody driveway colour that creates ambience, particularly striking when mixed with a sharp white contrasting edge.

Merlot – this burnt red colour looks fantastic across large driveways, with a depth of shade that catches the light beautifully.

If you are interested in these pebble resin driveway colours or want inspiration about driveway designs that will add real value to your property, please visit the Flexflooring gallery or get in touch for complimentary samples.

We appreciate that investing in an exceptional pebble resin driveway is personal to your home and style, so we are always on hand if you need expert advice about the pebble blends or colours that will best suit your home.

Resin bound vs resin bond pebble driveways

As market leaders in resin bound driveways, Flexflooring often hears from clients confused about the difference between resin bound and resin bonded, and it can make quite a difference to the longevity of your driveway.

The important factor is permeability – which means that rainwater can drain quickly through resin bound driveways without collecting on the surface or adding to flood risks:

  • Resin bound drives are made from a surface mixture of pebbles, usually quality quartz, marble and stone. The combination is mixed with a clear resin and applied to a subbase, with tiny stones completely encased in cured, robust resin.
  • Resin bond surfacing is made differently – from a dry aggregate laid onto a resin base. The surface is rougher and non-permeable, and the bonded particles tend to shift over time and become loose.
  • Resin bound driveways have the performance qualities of gravel, albeit with a highly refined appearance and a smooth finish suitable for pushchairs, bikes, and wheelchairs.

Flexflooring can provide free quotations, site visits at your convenience, and a fast installation service which means your drive is ready for use in just 24-hours after the work completes – making it the ultimate in style and performance.

What are the benefits of having a pebble resin driveway?

Pebble resin driveways provide a spectacular finish with a perfectly smooth, level drive that adds value to your home.

Our comprehensive range of colours and shades allow you to pick and choose the configuration that reflects the style and period of your property or integrate blends to come up with a bespoke driveway finish.

Some of the other advantages of choosing a pebble resin driveway for your home include:

  • Easy, streamlined installation. Pebble resin drives do not require planning permission and are ready to drive on just a day later when the resin has fully cured.
  • Weed resistance – the hard-wearing surface does not allow weeds or moss to grow up from the soil beneath, making your drive significantly easier to maintain than any form of block paving.
  • Safety properties, with the smooth finish easily accessible for young children and disabled access, without any loose stones or trip hazards.
  • Weather-resistance – resin bound driveways are permeable to air and water, minimising puddles, ice and mould. A simple wash with a power washer or a hose and stiff brush is the only maintenance required to keep a pebble resin drive looking brand new.

Another distinct benefit for busy family homes is that the installation process is swift and clean, without any messy excavations provided the existing surface is stable and free of defects.

How much does a pebble resin driveway cost?

Although we’d need to look at dimensions, pebble blends and aggregate depths to provide an exact quote, the average resin driveway costs between £50 and £80 per square metre.

Pebble resins are remarkably affordable – when you consider that a professionally installed drive can last upwards of 25 years!

The drive doesn’t require weeding, benefits from optimised natural drainage and is made of a structurally stable 3D bond with superior durability.

Additional costs may include preparation of the base – but it is highly advisable since a strong, solid base will ensure your driveway looks pristine and isn’t susceptible to cracking and other appearance defects.

Contact Flexflooring as the resin driveway specialists

Flexflooring has years of expertise installing outstanding pebble resin driveways, transforming the external impact of your property and paying returns in housing values.

With quick quotations, complimentary site visits, free blend samples and faultless professional installation, we lead the market in upholding the highest standards of quality and service.  Get in touch today to organise your site visit, and discuss the range of options available to create a new driveway with stunning pebble resin – or use our Quote Form for a no obligation price indication.

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