Red resin is a fantastic driveway option and looks flawless next to properties made from cooler stone or classic red brick, with graded components giving depth of colour and shade.

The warmth adds character while offsetting period homes, and you can choose a red resin driveway blend with hints of black, green or silver for an exceptional finish.

As the leading UK provider of professional grade resin driveways, Flexflooring offers:

  • Complimentary quotations and site visits at your convenience.
  • Rapid installation times, with drives fit for use within 24 hours.
  • First-grade quality materials sourced from the best in the business.
  • Bespoke advice and guidance drawing on years of resin driveway knowledge.

We’ll explain how resin bound surfacing can transform your property, but if you’d like an obligation free quotation or a closer look at our red resin blends, please complete our enquiry form or call us on 01622 747909.

Choosing the best resin bound shade to remodel your home

Most people think of subdued, muted tones as the standard for resin driveways. Still, the versatility and timelessness of a striking red make it ideal for anything from patios and pathways to full resin bound drives.

Resin bound driveways are available in a broad spectrum of colours and combinations, including bright, contemporary metallics and monochrome blacks and greys.

Below you’ll find details of some of our most popular red resin driveway blends, but if you have a particular shade in mind, Flexflooring can help!

Our red aggregates come in multiple textures, colours, and shapes, and our highly accomplished team can assist if you would like a customised red resin blend that perfectly matches your aesthetic.

Flexflooring red resin driveway blends

The below blends are among the most in-demand red resin driveway finishes – from subtle to stunning.


Reminiscent of grandeur and tradition, Athena features a deep, bold, coppery red stone alongside touches of pale grey and bright splashes of white for a timeless driveway red resin blend.



With an array of tones, from buttery warm yellows to coppery reds, opal whites and creamy oranges, Carnival is perfect for larger drives with an elegant and universal finish, complementing properties of all ages.



The definitive red resin finish, Merlot is a rich, impressive red, with the scope of tones from burnt oranges to opulent maroons. If you’re looking to revamp your curb appeal and have pale or red brick on your home’s exterior, Merlot is the ideal combination.


Pearl Blush

Property owners looking to brighten their home often choose Pearl Blush, with orange-red notes alongside sparkling whites, yellows and creams that inject an element of light and space into shady areas.

Pearl Blush


Fitting Santorini red resin driveways evokes the feeling of whiling away the evening on a sun-soaked Greek beach, with earthy reds, pale whites, and a balance of calming, natural, and graceful shades.



If you’d like a red resin driveway that makes a statement, Sorrento is the solution. The combination of black and flecks of red is simultaneously classic and contemporary, counterbalancing paler brick and rendering with style.


Order red resin bound aggregate samples

We recognise that you require the optimal colour for your drive and may wish to compare stone samples against your home, landscaping and other property features before you decide.

Please contact the Flexflooring team to request stone samples, allowing you to lay them alongside your brickwork and identify which colour works best at different times of the day.

Benefits of fitting a red resin driveway

Red is a colour of impact and can be blended with any ratio of other stones and hues to achieve the look you aspire to, as a powerful statement shade or a gentle inflection to highlight your home.

From oak and mahogany timbers to red chimney brick and colourful planting schemes, you’ll find red features in homes of all periods.

The advantages of opting for a red resin driveway include:

  • Adapting your driveway colour to your home. Our extensive range of blends ensures there is an ideal aggregate mix for every residence, whether a highly modern conversion or a traditional countryside cottage.
  • Reimagining the exterior – it’s difficult to exaggerate the effect a new resin driveway can have, commanding attention, contrasting with brickwork and bringing energy and enthusiasm to your home.
  • Red resin is diverse and flexible, used as a block colour or an accent, and to create shapes, house numbers, borders and clean lines as a tailored design feature.
  • Our resin driveways have impeccable performance features, including weather resistance and permeability, to support efficient drainage and keep your drive in excellent shape.

Most properties do not require planning permission (unless listed), and a quality installation process with full specification subbases ensures compliance with SUDS regulations (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) for added peace of mind.

How much does a red resin driveway cost?

Multiple cost factors feed into your new driveway budget, but most projects cost between £50 and £80 per square metre as a rough estimate.

Before providing an accurate quotation, we will ask about:

  • The size of your driveway.
  • The type of resin you’d like.
  • The condition of the existing drive and subbase.

We recommend a site survey before proceeding with a quotation, as assessing any preparatory or repair works before the installation begins is a useful way to identify any additional costs that are likely to arise.

Contact the UK red resin driveway experts

Whether you’ve chosen your dream red resin blend, want a quotation from a respected installation firm, or have questions about the pros and cons of resin, Flexflooring is on hand to help.

We have worked on thousands of driveway projects on properties of all sizes and are happy to share our guidance and advice to help you choose the right shade and blend.

Please call us on 01622 747909 to arrange a good time to discuss your red resin driveway ideas and the appearance you would like to achieve for your property.

Alternatively, you may prefer to send a message, and one of the team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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