Resin patios offer the opportunity to create a unique, flawless outdoor flooring area tailored to your property, aesthetic and usage.

The flexibility of resin far surpasses conventional patios, such as paving or slabs, with a high-quality, durable, safe, and perfectly smooth finish.

Flexflooring has collated some design ideas and finishes from our previous projects to provide inspiration and demonstrate the range of patterns, appearances and finishes you can achieve with a custom resin patio.

Our experienced technicians can provide aggregate samples and advice, with years of expertise in resin flooring solutions.

Replacing Tired Block Paving With a Resin Patio

Larger patio spaces can look stunning with a uniform colour aggregate that either blends with the brickwork or render on your home or provides a contrast.

Pale cream stones work perfectly with classic red brick and can be complemented with darker matte edging, delineating between lawns, dining spaces and planting to offset your landscaping.

Resin is an adaptable flooring material so that we can lay it in straight lines, curves or patterns, used for steps, pathways and other connected walkways leading to your patio.


Accessible Resin Patios

One of the common problems with older patios and driveways is that the concrete, bricks or gravel are uneven underfoot and can be difficult to manoeuvre with wheelchairs, bikes, buggies and scooters.

Flexflooring resin patios are designed around your requirements. They can be formulated with anti-slip surfacing and coloured edges to ensure that your patio is easy to navigate without trip hazards or surface breakages.

The porous nature of the resin allows water to drain naturally, preventing water from pooling, which can be an issue and cause a serious slip risk in cold weather.

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Creating a Low-Maintenance Patio

Many homeowners choose to create different areas within their gardens for water features, entertaining, play spaces and flowerbeds, and require a low-maintenance option that doesn’t require continual upkeep.

Installing a resin patio alongside decking, raised beds, and grassy areas ensures that you maximise the use of your garden without needing to worry about weed growth between paving slabs or re-grouting as water washes away the cement.

Our Stonex Resin-Bound patios can also be blended with a UV stable binder, retaining the same fresh colour and bright finish as on day one.

Making a Style Statement With Eye-Catching Resin Patio Finishes

Resin Garden Paths

Your terrace or patio may be one of the wider spaces within your garden, and it makes sense to emphasise the focal impact, drawing together a colour scheme.

There are limitless colour choices, and we can even suggest varying stone textures and sizes or create a special aggregate for your resin patio.

Some of the popular options include subtle hints of gold or silver for an iridescent shimmer or a natural stone for an understated classic style.

Seamlessly Modern Patios and Surrounds

Resin has long been the material of choice for pool surrounds, given its permeable performance, low-maintenance and slip resistance properties.


Resin is a fantastic choice if you have a modern property or wish to design a contemporary, sleek outdoor area. Cool greys and anthracites, striking fresh white or deep mixed greys and silvers are chic, timeless and make other shades in your garden pop.

Homes with an outdoor pool, a spa area or a pond often incorporate a paler resin patio, creating a calm, relaxed feel, which contrasts wonderfully with fresh blue water, colourful plants and rich green lawns.

Restoring Period Homes With a Resin Pato

Another option is to use the versatility of resin to repair or replace older patios, in keeping with the style and theme of a home, whether you live in a Victorian property, have a traditional cottage, or wish to renovate a distinctive Georgian building.

Your resin patio can replicate the same colours and tones as the previous brickwork or create a discreet uplift without detracting from the property.

A new resin patio can be engineered with the same natural stones, shale or quartz as the original flooring for a consistent and sensitive finish that reflects the age of your home.

Resin Patio Placement Considerations

Whether you wish to replace an existing patio, reconfigure the layout of your garden, or finish off a broader landscaping project, there are many options to show off your outdoor space in the best light.

Resin patios are easy to install and can be laid around features such as steps or raised beds or used to fill unusual or tight spaces such as corners, lines, angles, and curves.

The seamless application is not restricted by size; you can finish off flooring anywhere in your garden without the restrictions of alternative solutions such as block paving.

A low-maintenance patio is also an excellent choice if you have an unused space on your property, such as a side return or a previous patch of lawn that has turned to mud.

Laying a patio can transform a wild, uncared-for area into an asset used for storage, seating, or as a walkway to other parts of your home.

Designing Your Ideal Resin Patio Finish

As we have explored, resin patios are available in an enormous array of textures and colours, giving you the design freedom to select the perfect finish for your patio.

You can be bold, classic, understated or unique, with the help of the skilled Flexflooring team to turn your ideas into reality.

Resin isn’t limited to wider patios and can be used to create anti-slip pathways, replace paving prone to flooding, or repair older concrete flooring that has fallen into disrepair.

Our talented tradespeople can recommend aggregates and blends that match your requirements and offer a no-obligation site visit to provide you with pricing estimates for the options you are considering.

To find out more about Flexflooring resin patios, please get in touch or complete our enquiry form to request specific information or receive a quote.

You can also visit our Gallery to review previous projects or view our Case Studies pages, where we shed further light on the design, preparation and installation process, so you know what to expect at each stage.

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