Driveway design can be as dramatic or as subtle as you like – and with an endless number of blends, colour combinations and textural shades, the only limit is your imagination!

The Flexflooring team loves nothing more than designing something truly unique that sets off your property, creating beautiful contrasts of light, and boosting your curb appeal along with your home’s value.

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We’ve collated some of our favourite resin driveway design suggestions to inspire you to look beyond block colour and envisage a property that stands apart.

Monochromatic resin driveway designs

Black, white or grey resin looks incredible, with a deep, rich tone that captures the eye and can emphasise your property like little else.

Monochrome resin drives are far more interesting than your conventional tarmac, with touches of gloss that offset the core colour and add layers, with options such as:

  • Eclipse: a black colour base flecked with white and smooth greys to develop multi-dimensional colour.
  • Titan Silver: a modern take on a classic shade, with splashes of white, black, grey and zinc to engineer a sleek grey, minimalist aesthetic.
  • Moonshadow: the perfect statement in bright whites, metallic blacks, contrasting with moody greys for a driveway with style substance.

If you love all things classic and cool, a monochrome resin driveway design elevates the aesthetic of your property instantly as an up-to-date influence for a modern family home.

A resin driveway with a combination of 2-5 mm stones and 1-3 mm or 2-3 mm stones allows for the strongest possible bond, so mixing and matching is a performance enhancer as well as a design tool.

Radiant, colourful resin driveway designs

The modest yet striking shades of a resin driveway design can lift your frontage, picking out tints in your front door, brickwork, tiling or planting that benefit from colour, zest, and energy.

Cappuccino is an excellent blend for neutral sandstone and period homes, with a timeless mixture of velvety browns, cream pebbles, understated green hints and streaks of white.

One-colour brickwork and doorway facades look radiant and bolder, contrasting with this deep cappuccino resin driveway finish.

Another great option is moving away from the typical one-colour driveway design and laying resin in strips.

Perhaps look at a primary tone along the centre of a curved drive, with a polished white resin pebble or an intense black hue to construct a border and develop that aesthetic interval between graceful planting and functional access.

There is little you can’t achieve, from offsetting Champagne Pink against the soft, frothy glow of a sandy Dune blend or matching cool white Glacier with Gunmetal Grey for a powerful visual impact.

Contemporary Resin Driveway Designs

The traditional driveway is a straight, cubic shape, but if you are re-landscaping then you can consider a number of alternatives.

If you want to explore effective design and maximise the space available, resin driveway design is agile and effective with curves, angles, geometrics and inlaid pattern.

Swooping decadent gold through the centre of a stark black resin driveways looks stunning.

Or, try balancing a red pebble against clean white resin stones to delineate between parts of your home, accenting water features or planting throughout your frontage and commanding attention to your property.

More intricate resign driveway designs can incorporate:

  • Fully bespoke pieces, such as inlaid compasses, coats of arms, house name or number etc
  • Iconic edging to create a sense of depth and space.
  • Pale grey and silver stones, elongating shorter drives, matched with a vibrant red for the central area.

Whatever design you have in mind, the comprehensive selection of resin bound driveway colours opens up a door for creative motivation that surpasses the limitations of concrete, block paving and tarmac.

The UK Experts in Resin Driveway Design

Flexflooring has extensive experience in applying skilled design work alongside the practicalities of constructing weather-proof, durable driveways with outstanding finishes.

Our teams regularly consult on everything from private drives for special homes to resin bound driveways for businesses, play areas and golf courses.

We’re perfectly positioned to advise and guide you through the design process to come up with a finish that will exceed your expectations.

Resin bound driveway designs are as practical as they are attractive, with non-slip finishes and impressive durability, which means your technically rugged driveway will remain in perfect condition for decades.

Please visit our Gallery for further design inspiration from past projects, or get in touch with the Flexflooring team to arrange a good time for a chat about your required look – we’re here to recommend blends and aggregates that will look exceptional.

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